250 Breeding Animal Support to 2 Breeders in Balıkesir

Thousands of Breeding Animal Support for Breeders in Balikesir
250 Breeding Animal Support to 2 Breeders in Balıkesir

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality has 5 growers in 250 districts; provides a total of 2 thousand 750 breeding animals support. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has established "Balıkesir Lamb Breeding Centers" in Kepsut, İvrindi, Savaştepe, Dursunbey and Sındırgı districts in order to expand the production of "Balıkesir Lamb Meat", which is protected by geographical indication, also provides breeding animal support to producers.

50 breeders in the pilot regions determined in İvrindi, Kepsut, Savaştepe, Dursunbey and Sındırgı, where the presence of small cattle is intense; The Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to support a total of 10 breeding animals, including 1 sheep and 2 ram, has drawn the lots for the producers applying for support from Dursunbey.

Within the scope of the project, which aims to improve and expand sheep breeding and to obtain elite herds by supporting small family businesses, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide 5 sheep and 50 ram support to 10 producers in each of the 1 districts, and a total of 250 thousand 2 sheep and goats will be provided to 750 producers.

The drawings for other districts will be completed in the coming days and distributions will begin. The project is planned to be implemented in other districts dealing with animal husbandry.

Günceleme: 25/01/2023 14:41

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