What is a ballet teacher, what does he do, how to be?

What Is A Ballet Teacher What Does It Do? How To Become
What is Ballet Teacher, What Does He Do, How to Become

The ballet teacher is the person who enables the dancer to portray the feelings and thoughts of the character in a story on the stage with body movements accompanied by music. It is also among the responsibilities of the ballet teacher to gain the basic dance and ballet skills related to this.

A ballet teacher is a person who carries out a training process by using the tools, equipment and equipment of the institution he/she works for. The ballet teacher, who ensures that the students she has given dance education to establish a relationship with dance in an efficient and high quality manner, also follows the development of her students and guides them to receive higher education.

What Does a Ballet Teacher Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Ballet teachers, who teach ballet in dance institutions approved by the Ministry of National Education, are responsible for introducing their students to ballet and ensuring that their bodies work in harmony with ballet. In addition, other duties of ballet teachers who contribute to the development of their students' sense of music and rhythm are as follows:

  • To give students the ability to understand and convey the feelings and thoughts of the role they will play.
  • Organizing and conducting rehearsals as a team
  • Preparing shows and events
  • Determining the elements such as music and costumes to be used during the show
  • To follow the developments in the professional field and to develop students in this direction
  • Encouraging students to participate in ballet competitions and preparing them in the best way possible.

Requirements to Become a Ballet Teacher

In order to become a ballet teacher, it is necessary to graduate from the ballet department of the conservatories at universities. Although it is possible to be a ballet teacher with certificate programs approved by the Ministry of National Education, it is not possible to be appointed as a ballet teacher with these trainings.

What Education Is Required to Become a Ballet Teacher?

In the Ballet departments of the conservatories, theoretical and practical training in the field is given. Some of the courses given in these departments are as follows: Classical Ballet, Pas De Deux, Repertory, Aesthetics, Dance Composition, Educational Psychology, Contemporary Dance, Ballet Mimics, Stage Collaboration, Ballet History, Ballet Analysis, Ballet Notation.

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