'5th place in Bagcilar. Barrier-Free Microphone Radio Awards Launched

Barrier-Free Microphone Radio Awards Launched in Bagcilar
'5th place in Bagcilar. Barrier-Free Microphone Radio Awards Launched

In the 5th Barrier-Free Microphone competition organized by Bağcılar Municipality, disabled people choose Turkey's best radio, radio broadcasters and radio programs. The awards for those who received the most votes in the competition, which is open to everyone on the Internet, will be given with a magnificent ceremony on February 9.

The 5th of the Barrier-Free Microphone Radio Awards, traditionally organized by Bağcılar Municipality, is being held this year. The launch of the competition took place at Bağcılar Municipality Feyzullah Kıyıklık Palace for the Disabled. In the program; Bağcılar Mayor Abdullah Özdemir met with Turkey's most famous radio broadcasters.

We see you as a member of our family

Stating that he is a good radio listener, Özdemir said, “We see radio as a job done from the heart. I know that especially our radio broadcasters have an important place in the rehabilitation of our society, apart from both communication and communication dimensions. Many people start their day by listening to the radio in a relaxed way. They relieve the tiredness of the day by listening to you. Radio is an important medium. We all know that radio broadcasting will never end. We also know that they contribute to the development of society. It just changes according to the conditions of the day. As Bağcılar Municipality, we always know that the place of the radio is special. We see you as a member of our family. Radio will be everywhere in every aspect of life," he said. The radio broadcasters who took the floor also thanked Özdemir for the value he gave them.

The competition is open to everyone online.

The competition, which is open to everyone on the internet and consists of two stages, starts on January 23, 2023. In the first stage, listeners will vote for their 'favorite radio' and 'radio programmers' until January 31, 2023 at 'engelsizmikrofon.org'. In the second stage, the trainees of the Feyzullah Kıyıklık Palace for the Disabled will cast their votes on February 3, 01 for the radio and radio programmers who got the most votes and placed in the top 2023 in their categories. Thus, Turkey's best radio and radio programs will be determined.

As a result of the voting, the awards will be given to the names who are successful in 25 categories, especially "Best radio" and "Best radio broadcaster", at the ceremony on February 9, 2023, in which important names from the world of art, politics, business and media will attend.

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