When will Atatürk Airport National Garden be opened?

When will Ataturk Airport National Garden be opened?
When will Atatürk Airport National Garden be opened?

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum, on the official social media account of Atatürk Airport Nation's Garden, "5th in the World, 1st in Turkey, Coming Soon!" While sharing with his expressions, he published a video explaining the details of Turkey's largest national garden. Information about Atatürk Airport National Garden was given in the video.

Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum, “5th in the world, 1st in Turkey, Very soon!” He published a video explaining the details of Atatürk Airport Nation's Garden with his social media message.

In the video shared by the Minister Institution, it was emphasized that Atatürk Airport Nation's Garden will be a large city park built on an area of ​​2 million square meters, with plenty of green areas, social facilities, closed areas of close to 70 square meters and social facilities. It was stated that Atatürk Airport National Garden will be the fifth largest city park in the world and the largest city park in Turkey.

Natural Life Village to be Established

The video also includes the following information about Atatürk Airport National Garden:

“Atatürk Airport People's Garden will be accessible from 9 different points. There will be greenhouses and orchards at these entrances. Natural products can be grown in these greenhouses. Citizens will be able to obtain natural products from here if they wish. There will be an artificial stream called Ab-ı Hayat Suyu, approximately 2 and a half kilometers long in the south-north direction. In addition, viewing terraces, picnic areas and resting areas will be created on the river sides.

Since Atatürk Airport National Garden has a length of 2,5 kilometers in the South-North direction, there will be bicycle and walking paths at this length. In addition, when all the works in the nation's garden are completed, there will be playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, skate-boarding tracks, exhibition halls in social facilities, soup kitchen, libraries, nation coffee shops. Again, viewing terraces, promenade areas, social areas where people can relax will be created.

95% of the infrastructure is complete

At the Atatürk Airport Nation's Garden, the work of which started in May 2022, almost 95 percent of the infrastructure works have been completed at the moment. Nearly 90 percent of the roads have been completed. Tree planting activities continue in the green area.

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