A Call from ASKİ to the Capitalists to Save Water

A Call from ASKI to the People of the Capital to Save Water
A Call from ASKİ to the Capitalists to Save Water

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ) General Manager Erdoğan Öztürk shared the occupancy rates of the dams that provide the capital's water needs and called on the citizens to save water.

ASKİ General Manager Erdoğan Öztürk announced that the total occupancy rate of the dams that provide drinking and utility water to the city is 27,32 percent, and the percentage of actively usable water is 17,49.

Expressing that the amount of water supplied to the city on the same day was 1 million 333 thousand 844 cubic meters, Öztürk pointed out that water should be used sparingly without being complacent.

Making statements about the drinking water table of the capital, Öztürk said:

“The season we are in is the month where we expect the heaviest snowfall, but as in the whole country, Ankara has not yet had the desired level of precipitation. This drought, which is experienced as a result of global climate changes, causes our water resources, which are indispensable for life, to decrease day by day, and our water reserves in dams are depleted. We have to take into account that the continuation of the drought will put us in a difficult situation.”

Expressing that their aim and goal is to leave drinkable and sufficient water resources to future generations, Öztürk said, “Let's use our water more cautiously, carefully and without waste. As an institution, we are doing all kinds of work in order to protect water at its source, to transmit it in a healthy way, to prevent loss and leakage. You can also contribute to our effort by taking maximum care in saving water and instilling this in children, especially.” he said.

“We are taking measures to ensure that the drought is felt in the lightest way in our city”

Stating that the total volume of Ankara dams is 1 billion 585 million 393 thousand cubic meters, Öztürk shared the following information about the water occupancy rates in the dams:

“As of January 18, 2023, the amount of water in the dams is 433 million cubic meters. On the same date last year, this figure was 309 million cubic meters. That means we have 124 million cubic meters more water today. To put it differently, the total occupancy percentage of the dams on January 18, 2023 is 27,32. On January 18, 2022, this figure was 19,51 percent. Currently, the percentage of actively usable water in our dams is 17,49 percent. When we look at the table on a monthly basis, we see that 2022 million 34 thousand 934 cubic meters of water came to the dams that provide drinking and utility water to Ankara in January 17.”

Noting that they expect snowfall in the coming days, Öztürk said, "January has not been completed yet this year, but it seems that only 20 million 2023 thousand 5 cubic meters of water has arrived until January 526, 475. In the long run, the melting of snowfall in winter relieves water basins. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and ASKİ General Directorate, we are taking various measures to ensure that the negativities caused by the drought-related problems, which are on the agenda of the whole world, are felt in our city in the lightest way.” used his statements.

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