What Do Car Indicator Signs and Warning Lights Mean?

What Do Car Indicator Signs and Warning Lights Mean
What Do Car Indicator Signs and Warning Lights Mean?

Some malfunctions in the vehicles or situations that need to be warned are explained to the driver with warning indicators. The warning system installation is available to protect the dangers that may occur from short circuit. The owner must understand the indicators and act accordingly. In this way, bigger problems are prevented. We have compiled the warning indicators on vehicles for you.

What is Vehicle Dashboard?

Drivers who have just started to drive may find it difficult to grasp the meanings of the signs in the vehicle instrument panel section. In this panel, the lights turn on when any problem occurs in the vehicle. Faults indicated by different symbols should be known and necessary precautions should be taken. In case of any negativity, the warning system is activated.

What's in the Vehicle Dashboard?

There are warning signs on the vehicle instrument panel that inform you about the general condition of the vehicle. These signs are; shown in green, red, and yellow. Vehicle warning indicators on the instrument cluster are for warning purposes. The status expressed by each warning indicator indicates a different problem.

Why Does the Car Warning Light Come On?

The only way to understand small or big problems in vehicles is to notice them with the warning lights in the car. When the engine components do not work in harmony with each other or there is a problem in the fuel, ignition and exhaust system, the warning lights of the cars come on to inform this problem.

​What Are the Meanings of Warning & Warning Signs on Vehicles?

When a malfunction occurs in the engine, fuel or other parts of the vehicles, the lights come on on the vehicle instrument panel to inform the malfunction. For this reason, the driver of the vehicle should be aware of the vehicle warning indicators and their meanings and should solve this problem as soon as possible.

Warning Signs

Signs on vehicles are evaluated in various classes. Some problems that may occur in the vehicle in the near future are indicated to you by warning signs in the car. The purpose of these signs is to warn the driver before any malfunction and to indicate that precautions should be taken.

Overtemperature Warning

The engine temperature has a certain temperature that it should be. Serious problems may occur in the engine that rises above a certain temperature. To indicate this situation, the vehicle's temperature warning lights up. In cases where the temperature warning is on, what you need to do is to stop the vehicle and wait for the engine to cool.

Battery System Warning

The battery serves the vehicle's starting, ignition and lighting system. This warning light comes on when there is a problem with the battery or the alternator, also called the alternator. In this case, the battery needs to be charged.

Oil Pressure Warning

The engine oil in the vehicle is of great importance to prevent the parts from wearing. When the oil pressure drops, you will be notified via this warning. You need to check the oil level and pressure.

Brake Warning

The most important part of the car is the brake. The braking system helps to adjust the stopping start of the vehicle. When the brake warning comes on, there may be a leak in the parking brake system and you should take your vehicle to the service.

Safety Signs

Another group of marker lamps in the vehicle are the signs placed for safety purposes. Situations that may occur in the vehicle and that will put your safety at risk are indicated by safety signs.

Tire Pressure Alert

Vehicle tires must be at a certain pressure. When the tire pressure warning illuminates, it indicates that the pressure in your tires or at least one tire is low.


Indicates that the stability control system is working in the vehicle. However, if there is the phrase “Off” under the warning, this system is disabled.

Steering Lock Warning

Indicates that the steering wheel is locked when it cannot be moved. To turn the lock off, you must insert the key into the ignition and turn the steering wheel fully once.

Trailer Drawbar Warning

Indicates that the lock on the trailer tow hook is in the open position.

Service Failure Warning

It notifies you that the mileage maintenance is approaching.

Side Airbag Warning

Indicates that the side airbags have malfunctioned. The same sign appears when the side airbags are deactivated.

Steering Warning

Depending on the vehicle speed, the steering wheel becomes hard or soft. If this light is constantly on, it means that there is a fault in the steering wheel.

Brake Pedal Warning

It lights up when you need to press the brake pedal.

Parking Brake Warning

It is an indicator that lights up in automatic transmission vehicles. Indicates that you need to shift the gear to the parking brake.

Icing Warning

Indicates that the temperature outside the vehicle is low and there may be ice on the road.

Fuel Cap Alert

Indicates that the fuel cap remains open.

Electric Parking Brake Warning

Indicates a malfunction in the vehicle's electric parking brake.

​Following Distance Alert

Indicates that the following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you has been exceeded. When this light is on, you need to increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Clogged Air Filter Warning

Reminds you to clean the air filter to the engine.

Child Safety Lock Notice

Indicates whether the child safety lock is active.

Brake Fluid Alert

Indicates that the brake fluid is below what it should be.

Brake Pad Warning

Indicates that there is wear on the brake pads and that it is time to change.

Brake Light Warning

Indicates that the brake lights are not working.

ABS Warning

If this light that goes out after starting the vehicle continues to come on, it means that there is a malfunction in the ABS system. You need to call your service.

Lighting Signs

These signs give information about your vehicle's lighting system. Lighting signs are important for your and other vehicles' safety.

Low Beam Light

Indicates that the dipped beam headlights are on.

High Beam Light

Indicates that the high beams are on.

Headlight Level Warning

Illuminates when the headlight level needs to be checked.

Front Fog Lamp Warning

Indicates that the front fog lamp is on.

Rear Fog Warning

Indicates that the rear fog lamp is on.

Rain and Light Alert

Lights up when the rain or light sensor is turned on.

Outdoor Lighting Warning

Indicates that a light outside the vehicle is malfunctioning.

General Indicators

General indicators appear to keep you informed of vehicle-wide conditions. Usually not due to malfunction.

Windshield Mist

Indicates the activity of the defroster on the windshields.

Windshield Washer

Water should be added to the windshield washer water.

Rear Window Fog

Indicates the activity of the defroster on the rear windows.

Low Fuel

Indicates that the fuel has started to decrease.

Open Hood

Appears when the hood is not closed properly.

Open door

Indicates that one of the doors is not fully closed.

Advanced/Additional Vehicle Indicators

Warnings in vehicles with advanced technology are included as advanced/additional vehicle indicators.

In-Vehicle Air Circulation

Indicates that air is circulated inside the vehicle when it is cold outside.

Rear Spoiler

Indicates that there is a problem with the rear spoiler.

Auto Parking

Indicates the park pilot assistant's activity.

Lane Assistance

Indicates that the lane assist system is on.

Forward Collision

Illuminates when detecting the risk of collision.

Cruise control

Indicates that the speed of the vehicle is fixed.

Roof Warning Light

This indicator appears when the vehicle roof is opening and closing. If it is always on, it indicates that it is not fully closed.

Speed ​​Limiter

Appears when the speed limiter is active.

Indicators for Diesel Vehicles

These indicators are only available on diesel vehicles.

Glow Plug

Indicates that the glow plugs are getting hot. The vehicle should not be started until the lights go out.

Fuel Filter

Indicates the fullness of the diesel fuel filter.

Exhaust Fluid

Indicates that there is a decrease in the diesel exhaust fluid tank.

Water Liquid Filter

Indicates that the water in the fuel filter is full and you need to empty it.

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