Antalya residents flock to EKDAĞ Social Facilities in 2022

Antalya residents flocked to EKDAG Social Facilities
Antalya residents flock to EKDAĞ Social Facilities in 2022

Atatürk Park Social Facility, Barbaros Tea Garden, Konyaaltı Beach Social Facility and Boğaçayı Beach Business No. 1, operated by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality company EKDAĞ A.Ş, were flooded by visitors in 2022. Social facilities hosted 453 thousand 166 local and foreign people.

In the social facilities operated by EKDAĞ, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, the residents of Antalya are offered high-quality service at affordable prices. Operating Atatürk Park Social Facilities, Barbaros Tea Garden, Konyaaltı Beach Social Facility and Boğaçayı Beach No. 1, EKDAĞ continues to be the choice of thousands of local and foreign citizens.

Ekdag Konyaaltı Facility Is Also A Favorite This Summer

EKDAĞ Social Facilities, which serve on the world-famous Konyaaltı Beach, become the favorite of holidaymakers every summer. Blue Bayraklı Holidaymakers enjoy the sea in a peaceful and safe environment, from sun loungers to walking paths, from the renovated restaurant to the changing cabins and the lifeguard team. The facility offered a comfortable sea pleasure to its 2022 thousand 134 guests in 536.

New Beach in Boğaçayı

Boğaçayı beach business No. 1, another social facility that the Metropolitan Municipality brought to the people of Antalya on Konyaaltı Beach, was also liked in a short time. The facility, which was put into service on the west of Boğaçayı Bridge in September, hosted 39 thousand 116 people. Boğaçayı Beach Management No. 1, serving with an affordable price policy, offers breakfast, fast food products, sunbeds and umbrellas to its guests.

Enjoying Tea Again in Barbaros

Barbaros Tea Garden, which has an important place in the memories of the people of Antalya, was opened in 2022 with its renewed face as a social facility. Located on Konyaaltı Street, Barbaros Tea Garden is a pleasant tea garden with its location against the sea. sohbetbecame the address again. With its spacious environment, modern cafe and kitchen section, EKDAĞ A.Ş. Operated by Barbaros Tea Garden, it served 127 thousand 444 people last year.

View and Taste at an Affordable Price

EKDAĞ Social Facility, located in Atatürk Park, continues to be the meeting place of the people of Antalya with its magnificent view of the Mediterranean and Beydağları, affordable and delicious menu. While the social facility, located on the world-famous cliffs, was flooded by visitors 7 days a week, 2022 thousand guests benefited from the facilities in 152. With breakfast, delicious main dishes and desserts, Antalya residents can have a pleasant time with their families, accompanied by the unique Mediterranean view.

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