Metropolitan to Operate Buses with Official Plates in Antalya

Büyükşehir Will Operate Buses with Official Plates in Antalya
Metropolitan to Operate Buses with Official Plates in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect, Antalya Transportation Inc. announced that the black plate official buses belonging to the municipality will be operated by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department. Mayor Insect said that the employees will also transfer to the Metropolitan Municipality by protecting their salaries and all their personal rights.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect, together with Secretary General Cansel Tuncer and bureaucrats, held a meeting with the black plate official bus drivers working in Antalya Transportation Inc. Speaking at the meeting held at the Antalya Cultural Center (AKM) Perge Hall, Mayor Muhittin Insect made a statement regarding the transition process of the operation of the 241 official plate bus, which serves the people of Antalya in urban transportation, to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.

I've Always Been Proud of You

Reminding that he has been working in the transportation sector for many years, Chairman Muhittin Insect said, “I have always been proud of you. The whole public watched your devotion from taking stray animals on the bus in rainy weather to returning lost and forgotten items to their owners. Due to a legal regulation, you will continue to work in Antalya Human Resources Inc., which is a part of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. All your rights will be protected in the same way, without damaging a single hair of your hair. You will now be the staff of our municipality's own company," he said.

Your Rights Will Be Protected

Emphasizing that no personnel will be victimized during the transition process, Chairman Muhittin Insect said: “We will realize that 558 personnel will continue to transition without making anyone suffer. We are making this transition due to a legal obligation. You are my traveling companion. It is my duty to think about your future too. 'The word is Muhittin Insect'; We will protect and protect your rights in the same way. I have no doubt that you will make our citizens moving in Antalya happy with your smiling face.”

A Legal Obligation

Cansel Tuncer, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, also stated that the operation of the buses belonging to the municipality, pursuant to the council decision taken in 2018, was carried out by the municipality's Transportation A.Ş. He reminded that he was transferred to his company. Stating that it was decided to cover the fuel expenses by the municipality in the council decision, Cansel Tuncer gave the following information: “Due to the fact that the number of passengers decreased by half in the last three years with the pandemic period, and the expenses such as fuel and spare parts increased very much in the economic crisis environment in the country, public transportation was subsidized by the municipality. was being done. However, in the audits of the Court of Accounts, it was stated that meeting the fuel expenses of the buses operated by the municipal transportation company from the municipal budget was not deemed appropriate in terms of legislation and would cause public loss. In order not to cause public loss, it was decided that the black plate buses that we transferred in 2018 would be included in the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and operated by the municipality.

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