Mother's Contact with Baby Improves Self-Confidence

Mother's Contact with Baby Develops Self-Confidence
Mother's Contact with Baby Improves Self-Confidence

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü made an assessment on the importance of hugs and its effects on psychology in a statement she made on the occasion of January 21, World Hug Day.

Drawing attention to the positive effects of hugging on mental health, Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü said, “The hormone oxytocin is secreted during the act of hugging and this hormone has many positive benefits. Hugging also has positive effects on our mental health. Hugging strengthens our relationship with our loved ones and makes us feel good.” said.

Noting that sensual contact is very important in the development of children, Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü said, “After birth, the release of oxytocin hormone in their bodies increases from the first moment mothers take their babies in their arms, which allows them to bond with their babies. It is very important that the child's sensual needs are met by the child's primary caregiver in order to achieve secure attachment. In the early stages of life, skin-to-skin contact provides the foundation of the relationship between mother and baby.” he said.

Inci Nur Ülkü, stating that babies need hugs from the moment they are born, said, “When their mothers hug them, they feel safe and a strong bond is formed between the parent and the child. It helps to increase the self-confidence of the child. Physical contact helps children regulate their emotions. It helps to cope with an intense emotion and helps to calm down. It is important to make children feel love by hugging them.” said.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü, who stated that the mother's contact with the child will also help the child cope with the difficulties that the child will encounter, said, “When your child is angry, he feels safe when you come into contact with him. It also helps children cope with the stress they will encounter. They feel happier and more loved. Oxytocin also helps establish social bonds. With the hormone oxytocin, the stress level decreases, blood pressure is balanced and the immune system is strengthened. It promotes faster wound healing. It also helps them cope with the social and other types of stress a child may face.” he said.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü, who also stated that children need various sensory stimuli for their development, said, “Therefore, physical contact and various skin contact are very important for them. It accelerates the cognitive development of children. According to researches; It has been observed that children who do not receive love and who do not have skin-to-skin contact after birth may have cognitive, emotional and physical problems and have higher cortisol levels.” said.

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