Alstom China Selected as China's Best Employer 3 Years in a Row

Alstom China Selected as China's Best Employer for the Year in a Row
Alstom China Selected as China's Best Employer 3 Years in a Row

Alstom China has been recognized as the Best Employer of 2023 in China. Alstom China has won this award for the third time in a row, with constant encouragement of its talent development strategy, corporate values ​​and care for its employees.

“Alstom China is honored to receive this award for the third time. This is a complete acceptance and encouragement for Alstom China to practice the Group's humanitarian care and to actively create a positive and localized workplace environment. A dedicated and passionate workforce is believed to be a strong foundation for Alstom's success. “Alstom China will continue to optimize the workplace environment in a diverse and inclusive way for long-term development,” said Ming Geng, Managing Director of Alstom China.

People-oriented: Superior culture empowers Alstom for better development

As the leader of smart, sustainable mobility, Alstom builds a strong community for its employees around the “One Alstom” concept and AIR (Agile, Inclusive and Responsible) values ​​to support the long-term growth of the company. Alstom China actively promotes the localization of the Group's philosophy in China, actively develops the Group's ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) strategy, and is committed to creating a positive, harmonious working environment for employees and providing fresh energy for business growth.

This is highly compliant with the Top Employer Certification criteria. The Top Employer Institute certifies Top Employers based on its assessment of six HR areas of 20 topics including People Strategy, Work Environment and more. Alstom China remains the market leader, building on its stellar performance from the previous year's award, receiving high acclaim from the Top Employer Institute for its efforts in talent strategy, organizational development, leadership development and ethical compliance.

Employee first: Build a team of healthy and active employees

Alstom China strives to create and maintain a healthy and engaged workforce and prioritize ensuring the safety and well-being of every employee. Implementing Alstom's zero violation policy, organizing events such as Health and Happiness Day, Fire Protection Month, Safety Month and Environment Day, and promoting initiatives such as leadership-led inspections combined with safety campaigns, Alstom's goal of “zero serious accidents” in daily business and employee To promote a corporate health and safety culture to ensure health and safety while enhancing well-being. More than 2022% of Chinese employees who participated in the recently completed 86 employee survey said they were proud to work at Alstom. Alstom China EHS team actively coordinates materials,

Diversity and Inclusion: Provide all-round help for talent to pursue business ideals

Developing talent in Alstom China requires a corporate environment that is both diverse and inclusive. Alstom China strives to provide equal opportunities for employees of different genders whenever possible. In 2022, women make up 29% of all employees and 36% of white-collar female workers in Alstom China, a high level within the Group globally. This female employee ratio is increasing at different levels and in different positions. It can be said that more female employees can benefit from the 2022 China Women's Club or experience personal development and care as a result of its establishment.

Alstom also actively promotes and assists the personal development of every employee in China. Alstom launches a digital career platform, among other tools, helping employees better understand their role, company needs, future career goals, improve their experience and find ways to achieve career advancement. By establishing the China Development and Growth Forum, Alstom encourages sharing and fosters an environment for corporate growth. Alstom also develops in-house corporate university training programs, guiding employees to design and implement clear development plans. In addition, Alstom China strengthens its link with the local talent market through localized social media platforms such as WeChat recruitment platform, Boss and Liepin.

In the future, Alstom will continue to develop diversity and inclusion in China to make the 10.000+ employees in China feel like part of the “One Alstom” team and to work together, not just to maintain a good workplace. environment, but also to create a new sustainable future for Alstom China.

Operating in China for over 60 years, Alstom is involved in all railway projects in China. Alstom China now has a complete line of rolling stock (high-speed trains, railway passenger car, locomotives, subways, automated people transport vehicles, monorails and trams), state-of-the-art components (traction systems, bogies, traction motors). , shock absorbers), infrastructure and signaling solutions with customized services.

Alstom in China has eleven joint ventures, eight wholly foreign-owned businesses, and more than 10.000 employees. Together, the joint ventures deliver more than 6.000 rail passenger vehicles and 1.530 electric locomotives, more than 7.200 subway vehicles, over 800 monorail vehicles, 136 automated people transport vehicles and 191 tram vehicles to China's growing rail transport market and overseas. he did. markets. In China, Alstom also provides customers with a wide range of service solutions from heavy maintenance to modernizations and currently has more than 3.200 subway cars under maintenance contracts. It is a major signaling supplier of the Chinese high-speed network, and through its joint ventures, its signaling systems and propulsion equipment are used on more than 100 urban transit lines.

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