Low Earth Orbit Will Return to Istanbul Yrafik

Alcak World Orbit Will Return to Istanbul
Low Earth Orbit Will Return to Istanbul Yrafik

According to Deloitte's 2023 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Insights Report, traffic in space is increasing. By the end of 2023, the number of satellites operating in low earth orbit for communication services will exceed 5 thousand. It is predicted that this number will reach 2030-40 thousand in 50.

In its Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions report announced in 2020, Deloitte stated that satellites called low earth orbit (LEO) and located in orbit between 160 and 2 km around the Earth will either create a revolution or turn into space junk. Three years later, although no final decision has been made, many companies agree that there has been a revolution. Deloitte Global estimates that by the end of 2023, more than 5 broadband satellites will be in LEO, forming two sets of satellites that provide high-speed internet to nearly one million subscribers around the planet. Considering that every organization that plans to establish a LEO satellite group is successful, it is expected that 2030-7 competing networks will be operational by 10 and a total of 40-50 thousand satellites will serve more than 10 million end users.

More than 31 objects in orbit are being tracked.

While the high number of satellites in orbit significantly increases the risk of collision, this increase makes it mandatory for companies in the sector to cooperate. To prevent satellites from colliding with each other, as well as untraceable space debris from hitting the satellites, it is necessary to know where all these moving objects are in real time and with great precision. These challenges lead to the emergence of new sectors and the rapid growth of these sectors.

The expected increase in satellite broadband deployments; That's good news for users, given the emergence of new apps, lower prices, increased coverage and reliability, and reduced wait times. However, it is thought that some possible difficulties will slow down the investments of the sector. Due to this satellite crowd in LEO, many national, regional and global brands will also continue to struggle for spectrum, orbital gaps, launch capacity and access to terrestrial markets.

The biggest challenge for companies with satellites in LEO is keeping their satellites out of danger. Space surveillance networks track more than 6 objects in orbit, including more than 31 active satellites. In addition, an unknown number of untraceable pieces of debris, from fragments of damaged satellites to tiny paint remnants, are also circulating in low-earth orbit. To prevent satellites from colliding with each other and to prevent debris from colliding with working satellites, it is necessary to know where all these objects are in real time and with great precision, a discipline known as space situational awareness (SSA). Robust technical and regulatory standards for launching, operating and returning satellites, also known as effective space traffic management (STM), are gaining more and more importance every day.

Metin Aslantaş, Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications Leader, says that the LEO broadband market will not only grow, but will also create a new and dynamic ecosystem by enabling the development of supporting markets. Aslantaş stated that in order for this ecosystem to be viable in the long term, all companies in the sector should focus their attention and resources on protecting space and said, “At the forefront of these is the commercial SSA sector, which can reach 2032 billion dollars by 1,4. SSA providers create a combination of powerful computer models and ground- and space-based sensors by tracking objects in orbit to predict their path. With a well-developed commercial SSA competence, government data can be augmented and a reliable collaborative working environment can be created. “Funding the U.S. Office of Space Trade, which will work to take over responsibility for civil space traffic management as early as 2024, could also help develop this market.”

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