What are Smart Cities? How is Smart City Planning Made?

What is Smart Cities How to Make Smart City Planning
What is Smart Cities How to Make Smart City Planning

Today, the phrase “smart” has started to appear in many areas, and this has been adopted as an element that shows that technology is making progress. Smart city, very briefly, is a term that refers to cities equipped with advanced technology. These cities aim to raise the living standards of individuals and offer a more livable future.

For a city to gain smart status, it must first have enough energy and water. However, it is essential for the city to have an analytical waste management mechanism and a public transportation system. Some applications such as urban area networks, e-municipality, fiber optic cabling, city route address data mechanism, automation registration system can be listed as the elements that make up the smart city.

Thanks to artificial intelligence-based systems in smart cities, the life of individuals is made easier. For example, reducing the traffic density at certain hours provides comfort for both employees and students. Increasing security with cameras located in many points of the city is also among the benefits of this system.

With the smart city application, it is aimed to provide both savings and efficiency in energy use. Recycling of suitable wastes, consumption of resources as needed and the use of smart air filters are considered as important parts of this system. The continuity of sustainable energy can be monitored through this mechanism.

Smart city projects, which continue to progress step by step, have started to show their effects in many cities of the world. Various cities such as Tokyo, London, Oslo, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Amsterdam have made great progress towards gaining smart city status. In our country, the foundations of smart city examples are laid by following the necessary steps regarding this issue.

The implementation of the project in question will raise the living standards in dozens of areas, which means opening the door to a more developed world. These projects, which are being developed for the comfort and peace of future generations, are considered as one of the most important steps taken especially to prevent waste.

What is Urbanization?

Urbanization can be defined as lifestyle changes that occur as a result of the growth of cities. However, the concept of urbanization includes differentiation in the field of spirituality and the process of adapting to the city. Immigration from the rural areas of the cities, which have a very large population in terms of population, paves the way for the formation of urbanization.

Smart City Applications

Smart city applications aim to evaluate this planning together by planning in both social, physical and digital areas. At the same time, thanks to this application, which aims to provide an integrated service, innovation power can be increased. Creating more prosperous and more livable cities becomes possible with this application. Smart city applications come into effect for a sustainable life.

Smart City (City) Features

Smart city features include the implementation of the smart system in the areas of security, economy, management, clean energy and lighting. In addition, features such as saving buildings, solutions developed for traffic, parking areas, applications related to public transportation, emergency and disaster management, and smart infrastructure are also included in smart city projects. Cities where all systems are together and requirements are met are also called smart cities.

What are Smart City Components?

Smart cities are tools that aim to create sustainable living spaces for every individual. Energy, communication, waste water, emergency, security, transportation, health, housing, education, recreation, city planning, economy, finance and social services within the framework of the worldwide smart city application; considered as smart city components.

How is Smart City Planning Made?

Urban planning plays a major role in long-term development in both management and operations. Modern cities develop with the digitalization method and smart city planning should be done considering this situation. In addition, smart city systems can be installed by taking into account the development structure of the city in question.

Use of Intelligent Systems in Cities

Smart cities have a system that works with four stages. These steps are; data collection, analysis, communication and action. Advanced tools such as cameras, traffic sensors, motion sensors and air quality sensors installed in different parts of the city; performs real-time data collection. Said sensors may be standalone or embedded in another device.

Data collected within the scope of the smart city project; It is analyzed with the help of cloud, computer or server. The result is transferred to the decision-making units. This data is used to optimize both city operations and asset management. Recording a wide process, although digital, is seen as an expected action within the scope of the smart city project.

Smart Cities in Turkey

As in the world, the first examples of this project have started to be given within the borders of Turkey. Even if they do not fully attain the status of smart cities, there are no cities that can be shown as examples for studies on this subject. Starting to invest in smart city projects can be interpreted as a step that confirms the determination on this path.

It is known that investments have been made in the relevant project in metropolitan municipalities such as Ankara, Kayseri, Bursa, Trabzon and Gaziantep, especially in Istanbul. However, it has been noted that Turkey's first integrated smart city application started in the province of Karaman.

First Smart City

It is possible to encounter smart city examples in many parts of the world. It is known that Singapore is the first smart country in this regard. Singapore, a city-state in Southeast Asia, has started to benefit from smart systems in many areas. The city-state, which draws attention with its highly developed features, draws attention with its smart city project.

What is a Smart City Expert? What Does It Do?

Competent people are needed for the execution of the smart city project, which is planned to become increasingly widespread. There are many competencies determined for the smart city specialist working in the field of planning. The first task of these people is to create both local and national systems and analyze these systems.

These experts are used in matters such as the systematic determination of geographic databases, the participation of qualified manpower in projects, and the integration of information systems. Processes such as the correct consumption of natural resources, the necessary communication of smart city applications and cost management are also asked from the expert.

These people who aim to increase the quality of life with the right projects; They help create spaces that support cultural, social and urban development. In addition, supporting local governments, establishing a security system, drawing the legal framework and creating the smart city architecture are also among the duties of the smart city expert.

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