Afyon Police Will Conduct Inspections With Electric Vehicles

Afyon Officers Will Make Inspections With Electric Vehicles
Afyon Police Will Conduct Inspections With Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle fleet operating under the Afyonkarahisar Municipality Police Department has been expanded. The number of two was increased to four. For fast, effective and immediate response, the Police will also provide security with electric vehicles.

With the approval of Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, our Municipality bought 2 new electric vehicles for the Police teams. Our teams will conduct their inspections on main and side streets, pedestrianized areas and narrow streets in the city with 4 “mini” electric vehicles. Adding electric police vehicles to its inventory, the Municipality increases its innovative service diversity.


Speaking at the delivery ceremony held in front of the Municipality's Service Building, Police Director Taner Çelik thanked Zeybek Mayor and shared information about the vehicles. Çelik said, “First of all, I would like to thank once again the Mayor, who has always been with us, never withholding his power, which we are proud of, and who instilled self-confidence in us. He always stood by the organization in terms of equipment, technology and personnel, and did not spare his support. It allocated two new vehicles that provide convenience both in terms of savings and in service. We both strengthened our fleet and strengthened our presence in the field. These vehicles, which have a range of 50 kilometers each, have a consumption of 5 TL. Not a lot, we have expenses for 10-15 TL in a week. This cost pays off on its own," he said.

Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, who stated that new electric vehicles were purchased to increase the mobility of the police, wished him good luck; “We, together with our police teams, are trying to fulfill the demands that come to us immediately. Our hands and feet are within the distance of our hand holding the Police Organization, our foot walking against our people. We are an organization that is always in warm contact with our citizens. When he said, “Can we buy an electric vehicle” in line with the request from the Constabulary Manager Mr. Taner, we said “oh no”. Because there were narrow streets and places that needed immediate intervention. We bought two electric vehicles before, and we increased the number of electric vehicles to 4. I wish them to serve my friends without any accident and enjoy them. May God grant him good service," he said.

Günceleme: 06/01/2023 11:05

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