Prayer to be Read After Surah Vakia

Prayer to be Read After Surah Vakia
Prayer to be Read After Surah Vakia

Prayer to be Read After Surah Vakia which one? In order for the virtues of Surah Vakia to be realized, it is necessary to recite a prayer afterwards. At this point, after reading Surah Vakia, do this. Actual Prayer You must complete with Sources explain the virtue of reciting the prayer after the surah as follows.

  • Those who continue to read morning and evening will not suffer from hunger and thirst.
  • He will not be afraid
  • If it is read before the morning prayer, it will never be poor.
  • If it is read 41 times in one sitting, requests for sustenance will be accepted.

Why and Why is Surah Vakia Read?

Surah Vakia is a surah in the Qur'an and is generally read for those who have financial difficulties. Apart from that, this surah reminds people to prepare for the Day of Judgment and to give an account of what they have done in the world. It also advises people to believe in and fear Allah's power and greatness. Therefore, reciting Surah Al-Waqia enables people to focus on their true purpose in the world and to remember the impermanence of worldly life.

Prayer to be Read After Surah Vakia

Prayer to be Read After Surah VakiaIt is the Vakia Prayer that is effective and effective. The sustenance demands of those who say this prayer after Surah Vakia will be accepted. They do not suffer from hunger, thirst and poverty. Here it is effective miracle prayers virtuous prayer.

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim.

Allahummeinnies'elukebimeagidilizziminarchike and munteher mercy minkitabike. Ve bismikela'zami Ve bicemiy'ıesmaikelhüsna ve bikelimatikettâmmâtilmübarakâtilleti lâ tücavizühünnebirrün ve lâ facirün. En tusalliye ala sayyidina Muhammedin and most terzükaniilmennafian ve rizkanvasianhalalentayyibenmingayrikeddin. Ya ğalibenğayramağlûbinğallibni ala a'dâiyYâvâsialmağfiratiIğfirlena ya rezzakus-sekaleniürzükna. Allahumma in kanerizkifis semai fe enzilhu ve in kane fil end fe ahrichü ve in kanebeiyden fe karribhu ve in kaneasiyren fe yessirhu ve in kanegalilen fe kessirhu ve in kanekesiyran fe bariklifiyh. Allahümmemec'alliyedelulyâ ve la tec'alliyedessüfla.Yafettahu Ya RazzakuYâaliymüiftahlenâ ve entehayrulfatihıyneverzukna ve entehayrrazkıyn. Allahumma in blunt fi ummul kitab shakiyyenmahrumen ve kkteranaleyyerizkifemhuminummil book shekawati ve hirmani ve iktirarizki. Vektübniseıydenmerzûkanmüveffegan bil hayrat. İnnekegariybünmüciybüddeavât.Birahmetike ya erhamerrahimin


The prayer to be read after the time of Vakia is in Turkish

It is very important to know the Turkish translation of a prayer. If we know its meaning, the effect of the prayer increases. The Turkish translation of the prayer to be read after the time of Vakia:

In the name of Allah, the merciful and merciful

O Almighty God! I beg you with all your blessed words, with all the beautiful names of Esma-i Husna, with the prayer of Azam, with the eternity of your mercy in your book, with the dignity and honor of the ar-u-area. I ask you for their sake. Peace be upon our Lord, and for the sake of their faces, provide me with everything that is beautiful and halal, wide, abundant and beneficial knowledge.

O my God, who conquers all things! Make me prevail over my enemies.

O my God of mercy! Forgive us, my God, the sustenance of human and jinn! Sustenance us.

O my God! If my sustenance is in the sky, download it. If it is underground, it will come out. If far, zoom in. If less, duplicate it. Make it more fertile.

O my God! Don't make me from the hands that always give generously, the hands that beg in the hair.

O Fattah, Razzak, my God, the scholar! Open the doors of charity to us a lot. O Allah, provide for us as you have provided for all creatures.

O my God! If my name is in the list of the people who are deprived of material and spiritual sustenance in the Book, save my name in the list of those who have been succesful with all the good deeds. You are the answerer of prayers. Accept our prayers too.


Arabic prayer to be read after the time of Vakia

Arabic prayer to be read after the time of Vakia

Prayer to be recited after Surah Vakia while Sowing Seeds

The prayer that can be read after Surah Vakia while planting seeds is as follows:

“O Allah, make the fruits of these seeds you have given us fruitful. Grant us that these seeds will be fruitful. Enable us to be patient, diligent and servant while doing this work. Give us enough health and strength to enjoy the fruits of these seeds. You are our God, who created everything, controls everything and governs everything, govern us according to your will. Amine."

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