Painless and Fast Recovery Is Possible With Robotic Heart Surgery

Painless and Fast Recovery Is Possible With Robotic Heart Surgery
Painless and Fast Recovery Is Possible With Robotic Heart Surgery

Prof. from the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital. Dr. Burak Onan gave important information about robotic heart surgery.

Robotic heart surgery; It is the most advanced surgical approach, which is performed with the help of a specially developed robotic surgical system, using robotic instruments through small 8-10 mm holes drilled in the thorax, and with the help of a high-resolution camera. Dr. Burak Onan said, “The sternum (called the sternum) cannot be opened from the front, that is, it is among closed heart surgeries. It is very important for the patient to have a healthy operation and a smooth recovery period. The critical point is less trauma during surgery. In other words, the smaller the incisions, the faster the recovery. Robotic heart surgery is the minimally invasive (closed heart operations performed with mini-incisions) surgeries that cause the least surgical trauma. Surgery is performed with the help of very small holes and this technique provides faster wound healing than all operations with mini incisions. This accelerates post-operative recovery and gives superior cosmetic results. After a while, the patient even forgets that he had an operation, and he goes through a very comfortable process psychologically.” he said.

Stating that robotic surgery is being applied to many of the heart diseases that are suitable today, Prof. Dr. Burak Onan said, “Robotic surgery can be performed in coronary artery bypass surgeries, mitral and tricuspid valve repairs or valve replacement surgeries, closing holes in the heart and tumor surgeries. In addition, closure of the holes in the heart, tumor surgeries, ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation, closure of the left atrial appendage and left atrial remodeling procedures can be performed safely and effectively in suitable patients.” said.

Saying that robotic heart surgery is applied in robotic surgery centers where robotic surgery systems are available, Prof. Dr. Burak Onan said, “In order for these surgeries to be performed, there must be anesthesiologists, operating nurses, perfusionists and robotic heart surgeons who are specialized in their fields. Robotic surgery is a team effort and is performed in secure centers. The fact that the centers perform more than 50 robotic heart surgeries per year indicates that the center is an active robotic heart surgery center.” he said.

Stating that the patients who will undergo robotic surgery are suitable for this method, Prof. Dr. Burak Onan said, “Physical examination findings and radiological imaging studies are very valuable when deciding on robotic surgery. Echocardiography, angiography and tomography examinations of the patients should also be evaluated. If there will be an elective heart surgery, that is, if the operation is not urgent, the person can be a robotic surgery candidate.” used the phrases.

Robotic surgery; Saying that it does not increase the risk of heart surgery, on the contrary, it provides more benefits in experienced hands. Dr. Burak Onan concluded his words as follows:

“It should be remembered that not every heart surgeon deals with robotic surgery. After the surgery, patients are taken to the surgical intensive care unit and followed up. If there is no problem in the postoperative period, the patient is taken to the service room as soon as possible. The patient, who is followed up for a while under service conditions, is discharged at the most appropriate time with recommendations and a control appointment is scheduled. Robotic surgery technique is a safe approach in cardiac surgery. The most important advantage is that the trauma is less due to the use of very small incisions and the post-operative process passes faster. After the surgery, patients return to their daily lives faster.”

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