Countdown Has Started for Bursa Mevlevi Lodge

Countdown Has Started for Bursa Mevlevi Lodge
Countdown Has Started for Bursa Mevlevi Lodge

The 4-century-old Bursa Mevlevi Lodge, whose reconstruction works have been completed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is regaining its first day's splendor with its ceiling decorations, wood carvings and landscaping.

Bursa, which has unique works in every field from the 8500-year-old Archeopark to the 2300-year-old Bithynia walls, from the 700-year-old Ottoman artifacts to the examples of civil architecture from the Republican period, is turning into an open-air museum with the help of the Metropolitan Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has unearthed the 400-year-old Bursa Mevlevi Lodge, which was demolished and replaced with water tanks after a while after being abandoned to its fate, is restoring the building, which is located opposite the Pınarbaşı Cemetery and was founded by Cünûnî Ahmed Dede, one of the important names of the Mevlevi order in the 17th century, in its original form. The building, which consists of 3 sections, 'Semahane', 'Tomb, Meydan-ı Şerif and Matbah-ı Şerif' and 'Dedegan Cells, Selamlık and Harem Office', is brought to the city with its original identity. While the ceiling works and wood carvings, especially in the Semahane section of the Mevlevihane, where the works are now at the completion stage, are dazzling, the historical region will gain another important value with the completion of the landscaping.

history island

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş emphasized that another important value has come to light in the Hanlar Region, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi tombs, Bey Palace, Zindan Kapı and Hisar region, which they consider as an island of history. Expressing that Bursa Mevlevihanesi is an important work that completes this 'island of history', Chairman Aktaş said, “We are about to complete the works now. When the Mevlevihane is completed, it will be an excellent work. I believe that this place will turn into a full visit area both inside and outside Bursa.”

Günceleme: 25/01/2023 16:44

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