2023 Will Be the Year of E-Export

E will be the year of export
2023 Will Be the Year of E-Export

A sustainable momentum started to dominate in the sales of products and services through online channels to different countries from Turkey. Unlike traditional exports, Turkish sellers who sell their retail products to global markets through e-export or micro-export are looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunities in e-export. Companies that want to open up to global markets, especially SMEs, showed a demand above expectations in e-export in 2022. In 2023, it is expected to break a record in e-export. ELİDER President Fehmi Darbay said, “Especially SMEs will break records in e-export. There is a long way to go in e-export and there is a huge potential.” Sertalp Demirağ, CEO of Logitrans and CDEK Turkey, said that Turkey is in a strategic position for e-export.

Fehmi Darbay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Commerce Association (ELİDER) and Logi3PL E-Commerce and Business Development Manager, known for its e-commerce and e-export focused services, and Sertalp Demirağ, CEO of Logitrans and CDEK Turkey, will start e-commerce and business development in 2023. He made evaluations about the expectations in e-export.

“E-export is on the agenda of all sectors”

ELİDER President Fehmi Darbay emphasized that the e-commerce volume in Turkey is expected to exceed 2022 billion liras in 650 and said, “This figure is not a coincidence. Consumers have become accustomed to the comfort of e-commerce. Because e-commerce has opened a great comfort zone to consumers in shopping. Consumers will not give up on this comfort and we will witness new developments in e-commerce comfort in the coming years. ELİDER President Darbay said, “E-export is also not spared from these developments.”

“The Ministry of Commerce is working hard for e-export”

Darbay continued as follows: “The TR Ministry of Commerce is working hard for e-export. Hasan Önal, Head of E-Export, Digital Marketing, Behavioral Public Policies and New Generation Technologies Department, undersigned very important projects for the needs and problems of the sector, and developed solutions for the needs. For example; New e-export supports were announced in the past months. Hasan Önal has made very important contributions to these supports. Among these supports, warehouse rental and order fulfillment support is a very important step. Apart from these, many new e-export supports came from promotion support to marketplace integration support. These are the steps the industry expects and will accelerate the ecosystem.”

“E-export supports exceed 80 million TL”

Reminding that partnerships or companies that offer end-to-end e-export services will be given the status of "e-export consortium" within the scope of new e-export supports, Darbay said, "Companies focusing on e-export, from e-commerce companies to marketplaces, can benefit from the new support. The figures expressed in these supports exceed 80 million TL. According to the e-export support upper limits updated for 2023; Companies will be able to receive e-export support in different items up to 27 million liras, B2B platforms up to 7.2 million liras, retail e-commerce sites, marketplaces and e-export consortia up to 81.4 million liras. These figures can be seen as a great opportunity for SMEs to start e-export or improve their existing e-export operations.

“Records expected in e-export”

ELİDER President Darbay stated the following: “The e-export-oriented work of the Ministry of Trade continues. These efforts will set new records in 2023, especially in e-export. SMEs benefiting from the new e-export supports will break records in e-export. There is a long way to go and a huge potential in e-export, which has a ratio of 2 to 3 percent in total exports in Turkey. The Ministry of Commerce aims for the share of e-exports in total exports to exceed 10 percent in the medium and long term. This goal is not an unattainable goal. I foresee that this target will be exceeded in a much shorter time.”

“Logi3PL supports e-export companies in all processes needed”

Fehmi Darbay also talked about the mission of Logi3PL. Pointing out that they support businesses in all aspects and offer various solutions in order to contribute to the e-commerce and e-export ecosystem, Darbay said: “We undertake an important mission, especially for the development of SMEs with e-export. By bringing the important actors of the global e-commerce ecosystem to our country, we remove the obstacles in front of our producers and SMEs in their e-export initiation and growth processes. We support e-export companies in all processes such as opening stores on platforms, listing their products with correct analysis in the competitive market, meeting integration needs, answering incoming customer questions and managing the logistics process of orders. By facilitating complex e-export processes, we contribute to both companies and the economy.”

“Turkey is at the center of global e-export”

Sertalp Demirağ, CEO of Logitrans and CDEK Turkey, stated that e-exports have grown significantly every year and said that Turkey is in a strategic position for e-export. Pointing out that Turkey, located in the middle of the CIS, MENA and European countries, is at the center of global e-exports, Demirağ said, “Turkish SMEs and retail companies should take advantage of e-export opportunities from Turkey due to its close location to global markets. With the integrations that facilitate e-export, sales can be made to different countries in a short time.”

Demirağ, who stated that especially Russia, Africa and Northern Europe markets offer important opportunities for e-export from Turkey, added that they, as Logitrans and CDEK, provide end-to-end support to e-export companies in digital infrastructure integration, stock and logistics processes.

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