2023 Military Service Fee Announced! So How Much Was the Paid Military Service?

Paid Military Service Fee Has Been Determined So How Much Is Paid Military Service Fee?
2023 Military Service Fee

The military service fee, which is determined every six months according to the inflation rate, increased again with the announcement of the new civil servant hike. At this point, those who want to perform their military service for a short period of time in return for a certain fee will ask, "How much is the military service fee for January 2023, how much is it, when will it be paid?" He began to seek answers to his questions. In the statement made, according to the inflation rate; While an increase of 16,47 percent was announced, this rate was increased to 25 percent with the welfare share. So, how much is the military service fee for 2023, how much is it, and when will it be paid?

Paid military service fees came up again. With the December inflation data announced by TURKSTAT, the 6-month inflation gap became definite and the hike rates became clear. With the increase in civil servants announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the military service fee has increased to 100.080,9 TL.

The price of paid military service took its place on the agenda with the clarification of the civil servant increase. Researches on how much the military service fee, which has been changed within the scope of the civil servant salary hikes re-determined in January and July, will be in the new year, have become clear.

The price of paid military service, which increases twice every year, indexed to the civil servant salary increase, valid until July 2023, has been determined. Along with the 25 percent increase in civil servants, there was a 25 percent increase in paid military service.

Accordingly, the price of paid military service was 100.080,9 TL. Thus, the price of paid military service has exceeded the limit of one hundred thousand TL.

How is Paid Military Service Determined?

Pursuant to Article 7179 of the Recruitment Law No. 9, the amount of paid military service is re-determined in January and July every year according to the civil servant monthly coefficient.

Paid Military Service How Many Days?

The period of military service for those who do not do paid military service is 6 months. However, in paid military service, the period of military service in 2022 has been determined as 1 month. This period may be shortened depending on the number of days in the current month, road and dispatch conditions. For example, for a person who has a 3-day road permit, the paid military service period may be 27 days, and for a person with a 4-day road permit, the military service period may be 26 days.

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