Rent Increase Rate In Istanbul In 2022 Increased By 147,7 Percent

Rent Increase Rate In Istanbul Increased Percent
Rent Increase Rate In Istanbul In 2022 Increased By 147,7 Percent

According to the 'Rental Housing Market Outlook December 2022' research of Bahçeşehir University Center for Economic and Social Research (BETAM), rental prices increased to an average of 67 TL per square meter last November. This rate was reflected in the annual rent increase as 147,7 percent on the residences in Istanbul, 150 percent in Ankara and 160 percent in Izmir. The rent increases, which turned into a crisis in 2022, which we just left behind, led many citizens to seek alternative solutions on how to be less affected by this situation throughout 2023. People residing in big cities started to prefer to move to different cities or small houses by putting their belongings in storage in the face of high rents. Göztepe Nakliyat, which has been providing storage services for more than 40 years, helps all its customers in the moving phase with modern storage facilities suitable for every budget and need.

Göztepe Nakliyat Global Logistics CEO, Ulaş Gümüşoğlu, shared his evaluations on the subject with the following words: “The increasing rental costs, especially in big cities, direct citizens to different solution alternatives. Many people now store their belongings in warehouses, either moving out of town or into smaller homes. We have been serving in the storage industry for over 40 years. Since the day we were founded, we have been keeping things in the comfort of a hotel with the 'storage room' system, in our storage areas as safe as a bank safe and as hygienic as a home.”

They offer personalized storage for every need

Ulaş Gümüşoğlu stated that they perform the storage of goods with modern facility management and said, “We are setting an example for other players in our sector with the household goods storage model we have developed. With our storage facilities ranging from 6,5 to 100 cubic meters and with more than a thousand storage facilities, we meet the needs of users of all sizes. In addition to the moving process, we allow our customers to come to our warehouse rooms, where we have created a high security system, during the day, to take and leave documents, and to store them. Our specially designed storage rooms can be used for many years depending on the rental contract.

High security system prevails in warehouse rooms

Underlining that there are 7/24 security personnel in the storage rooms, Göztepe Nakliyat CEO Ulaş Gümüşoğlu said, “We apply high-level security measures in the storage facilities equipped with ultrasonic pest control systems, devices that control ambient humidity and CCTV cameras. Our competent security personnel log in to the regions they are responsible for with passwords that are constantly updated. Fire detectors and alarm systems connected to security centers function uninterruptedly. We are rapidly continuing our efforts to break new ground in our country in the sectors in which we operate.”

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