20-Year-Old Teeth Can Cause Pain in the Jaw!

Mourn Teeth Can Cause Jaw Pain
20-Year-Old Teeth Can Cause Pain in the Jaw!

Dentist Dr.Damla Zenar gave important information about the subject. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. These teeth are the third molars at the back of the mouth. There are 20 in the mouth, right-left, bottom-upper. These teeth, which cannot come out in a healthy way, can cause pain, abscess and discomfort in most people because they do not adapt to the jaw structure in general. they can cause many negative conditions in the teeth and in the mouth.

However, if the person's jaw structure is suitable, if there is sufficient eruption area behind the molars for the wisdom teeth, these teeth can come out completely. These teeth that come out completely do not cause any problems.

The most common symptoms due to the eruption or impaction of wisdom teeth are; pain in the gums and teeth, tooth sensitivity, pain in the jaw, swelling in the lymph nodes, bad breath, etc.

After the oral and dental examination, a dental x-ray is taken for the detection of wisdom teeth. Thanks to this x-ray, the existing bone structures, angles and impacted teeth, along with the roots of all teeth, are clearly displayed.

Dentist Dr.Damla Zenar said, “Twenty-year-old teeth that are not in the correct position should be extracted. Local anesthesia is applied to the relevant area in 20-year-old surgeries. If the bone around the tooth is deemed appropriate, it is removed and the tooth is extracted. After the tooth is extracted, the area is sutured. These stitches are removed in 20 to 7 days. If the dentist deems it necessary, he can prescribe antibiotics and painkillers after the operation.”

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