Don't Risk Your Health by Being Attracted by the New Year's Tables!

Don't Risk Your Health by Attracting New Year's Eve Tables
Don't Risk Your Health by Being Attracted by the New Year's Tables!

One of the familiar images that come to mind when we say New Year's Eve is; glorious Christmas tables. When we say all kinds of nuts, chips, hot and cold drinks, meat dishes, olive oil dishes, desserts, fruits, salads; Do not have to live a whole year all over again when you get caught up in the rhythm of the night and eat regularly and healthily.

Near East University Hospital Dietitian Gültaç Uncle Çamır shared the golden rules of healthy eating and alternative menus that do not pose a threat to your health at your New Year's Eve tables.

Dietician Gültaç Uncle Çamır said, “It is best to consume everything to a certain extent on New Year's Eve and to end the night by choosing foods that do not pose a threat to our health.” Soup is the best option to start. Then, instead of the main course, it should be continued with foods that are easy to digest, such as salads and olive oil. In the main course, especially meat and meat dishes and excessively fatty foods should be preferred as little as possible. In addition, vegetables that are high in fiber and water, low in sugar, fat and calories should be consumed, and plenty of fruit should be preferred. Desserts should also be consumed as a snack after a few hours, not immediately after the meal.

What should be paid attention to during the day?

Saying, "It is one of the biggest mistakes not to eat anything during the day with the idea of ​​eating too much on New Year's Eve," said Uncle, "A starving body wants to store the food it takes for use in the next hunger instead of burning it. Therefore, it is very important to start the day with breakfast. You can prepare for the evening with a light lunch and snacks. In between, fruit can be preferred. For lunch, soup, a light vegetable meal, yoghurt and very little rice/pasta or 1-2 slices of bread can be preferred. Stay away from biscuits, cookies, pastry-style snacks because it will make you more hungry.”

Do not drink alcohol while hungry!

One of the most important issues on New Year's Eve is alcohol consumption. Since it is a celebration evening and the long stay at the dinner table, alcohol is consumed as much as food. Dietician Gültaç Uncle Çamır, who said that this situation will increase the amount of calories taken, will cause headaches, fatigue, stomach pains, nausea, vomiting and a feeling of heaviness after New Year's Eve, and said, "There is a limitation of maximum 2 glasses for women and maximum 3 glasses for men. It will be useful. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach on New Year's Eve. Alcohol taken alone on an empty stomach causes your blood sugar to rise quickly and then fall quickly. Alcohol consumed with meals mixes into the blood more slowly.

Do not forget to consume water, instead of sweets, consume fruit!

Drawing attention to water consumption, Gültaç Uncle Çamır said that water consumption should definitely be increased on New Year's Eve and the next day. Dayı said, “Drinking sips of water from time to time at the table on New Year's Eve both increases the feeling of satiety and provides ease of digestion. It helps the stomach to work and not get tired.” Noting that attention should be paid to sweet consumption, Dayı said, “You can prefer milk desserts or fruit desserts, not exceeding 1 portion, instead of sherbet dumplings. Prefer to consume fruit instead of dessert” he suggested.

Be mindful of your appetizer choices!

Near East University Hospital Dietician Gültaç Uncle Çamır said, “For your appetizers, choose yogurt, boiled or grilled options that contain little fat (preferably olive oil), vegetables or fruits.” Definitely stay away from appetizers that have been waiting for the day. Avoid very salty and over-roasted nuts. White chickpeas is a rather innocent option compared to others. You can choose. Except that; You can choose nuts such as raisins, dried apricots, prunes, dried mulberries, almonds, hazelnuts. But be mindful of the amount you consume.

Watch out for mealtime!

Gültaç Uncle Çamır, who also warned about the meal time, said, “Set the time of the New Year's dinner well. Be seated for dinner by 20.30 at the latest and finish the meal around 22.00:XNUMX. After this time, try not to consume foods other than fresh or dried fruit.

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