Let Your New Year's Gift Be A Pending Invoice

Let Your New Year Gift Be A Pending Invoice
Let Your New Year's Gift Be A Pending Invoice

In 2 years, 300 thousand families were delighted with the Suspended Invoice application, which sets an example for the world in solidarity. Currently, 13 thousand invoices are pending. The philanthropists who want to give gifts to the needy in the new year IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe did not remain indifferent to his call. Water and natural gas bills amounting to 4 thousand TL were paid in the last 500 days. The pending billing assistance network has expanded to include family support, education, mother-baby and transportation. The total amount of aid given so far has reached 98 million 277 thousand 405 TL. This figure continues to increase day by day. The counter of the aid figure is shared instantly at askidafatura.ibb.gov.tr.

The Suspended Invoice application, implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) during the pandemic period, will continue in 2023. In the new year campaign announced on 25 December 2022 with the slogan "Countdown to the Happy New Year" for Istanbul residents who have difficulty paying their bills, 18 thousand of the 629 thousand 5 invoices were paid.


Those who want to buy new year gifts for their loved ones will be able to pay the bill of a person in need instead. The giver will not see the hand that gives. Those who wish will be the hand that gives on behalf of their loved ones. The giving hand will be able to learn that he is a philanthropist with a new year greeting message from his loved one.


Aid packages have been expanded for those who have financial difficulties. Philanthropists can support the life struggle of citizens in need through Mother-Baby, Family Support, Education Support and Transportation Support packages on askidafatura.ibb.gov.tr. The amount of support given to the citizens in need through the Suspended Invoice has reached 29 million 2022 thousand 98 TL as of 277 December 405. The number grows with each passing hour as a new philanthropist pays the pending bill.


The “Pending Bill” campaign won the 'Bloomberg Global Mayors Competition' in 2021 and was awarded $1 million. In the competition, where 650 cities from all over the world applied, Istanbul had an international success, surpassing many world cities including Paris and London from Europe and New Orleans from America.

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