Message from Xi Jinping to the 15th China-Latin America Businesses Summit

Message from Xi Jinping to the China Latin American Operators Summit
Message from Xi Jinping to the 15th China-Latin America Businesses Summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message to the opening ceremony of the 15th China-Latin America Businesses Summit yesterday, expressing that he wished friends from the industry and trade circles of the two sides to make greater contributions to accelerating the formation of a Sino-Latin America destiny partnership.

Xi used the following statements in his message:

“By adhering to the policy of opening up, China will resolutely follow the strategy of openness based on mutual benefit and common gain, and will continue to move in the right direction of globalization of the economy. China, which will constantly present new opportunities to the world with its new achievements, will accelerate the construction of an open world economy with the aim of providing greater benefits to the peoples of all countries, including Latin American and Caribbean countries. In the 15 years since its establishment, the China-Latin America Businesses Summit has played an important role in accelerating the economic and trade cooperation between China and Latin America, and deepening cultural and human communication between the two sides, in line with the principle of serving businesses. The Sino-Latin American relationship has now entered an era of equal, mutually beneficial, innovative, open and public benefit. Industry and trade circles benefit from the bilateral relationship as well as being an important force promoting Sino-Latin American cooperation. I hope that the friends from the industrial and commercial circles of the two sides will make greater contributions to accelerate the formation of the Sino-Latin American destiny partnership.”

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