Who Does EYT Cover? EYT Conditions, Number of Premium Days and Age Conditions Announced

Who EYT Covers EYT Conditions Number of Premium Days and Age Conditions Announced
Who EYT Covers EYT Conditions, Number of Bonus Days and Age Conditions Announced

The last step is taken for those who are old enough to retire. Minister Bilgin, who recently met with the President of TİSK, shares the latest developments about the EYT law with the public. Retired candidates, who are stuck with the age limit, which is among the topics that President Erdoğan said will be announced one after the other with the new year, follow the regulation with EYT breaking news before the January hike. Topics such as internship, severance pay, premium, age, borrowing are on the table. Well, what is EYT, when will it be released, what are the conditions, who does it cover? Here, EYT breaking news today 2022…

Millions of people whose insurance started before September 9, 1999 are considered to be EYT members. There have been statements concerning EYT members, who have been fighting for their rights for many years.


Explaining the date when Minister Bilgin will be entitled to retirement, Bilgin said, “The net date for EYT is September 8, 1999. Even if there is a right to wear out, birth and military service debts, the starting date cannot be withdrawn. These are done only to complete the missing premium days. In other words, it makes up for the missing premium days. But it doesn't pull back the start. There is no such thing,” he said.


The regulation, which was reported to cover 1,5 million people by Minister Bilgin, was given as December as the relevant Assembly date. Looking at the parliamentary calendar, budget negotiations are expected to be held between 5 and 16 December.

Between these dates, the bill will not be on the agenda of the Parliament, but it is possible that the law will come to the Parliament after 16 December. In case of not coming, in the new year; The regulation is expected to become law in early January.

In case of the new year, the dates of 5-15 January 2023 started to be talked about.


Emphasizing that if retired people continue to work, their premiums increase by 5 points compared to normal employees and that employers want this difference to be removed after the implementation of the EYT regulation, Bilgin said: We will bring the premium there down to an equal level. In other words, don't throw this employee from EYT to the employer, make him work. We will give you social security support premium," he said.

Regarding the issue of severance pay for EYT members, Minister Bilgin said, “The government has some formulas on this issue as well.” Bilgin used the following statements;

“First of all, it's not a big problem. Because the employer deducts severance pay from tax. In addition, the employer can make the severance payment in installments by agreement between the employee and himself.


AKP Group Deputy Chairman Muhammed Emin Akbaşoğlu made statements about the Age at Retirement (EYT) at the press conference he held in the Parliament.

Akbaşoğlu said, “We are planning to make the arrangements regarding the recruitment of EYT and contracted personnel in December. In the worst case, we will witness its enactment at the beginning of 2023," he said.


Minister Bilgin revised the number of people who will be entitled to retirement in the first place from 1.5 million to 2 million. At least 109 billion liras will enter the house of new retirees monthly.

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, said that the number of people who will be eligible for retirement could reach 2 million in the new year if the regulation on retirement age (EYT) comes into effect. With Bilgin's explanation, the cost calculations changed from scratch.

According to the calculations, if 1.5 million people retire instead of 2 million as soon as the law is enacted, with the lowest pension payment, which is 3 thousand 500 TL today, the pension that SGK will pay to the survivors of EYT from 5.2 billion to 7 billion TL, and the annual payment from 63 billion TL to 84 TL. will reach billions of dollars. However, starting from the new year, it seems inevitable to increase the lowest pension along with civil servants and pensions. Normally, workers, tradesmen and farmer retirees are given a raise as much as inflation in the past 6 months. The upward trend in inflation indicates that a CPI of around 2022 percent will occur in the July-December 17 period. The fact that the real cost of living is much higher, it is an election year, and the statements that the government will announce a high increase in the new year show that the hike can be increased to the range of 30-50 percent.

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