What is Honey Yield?

What is Honey Yield?

Yield, literally, is the sum of the product obtained in 1 year. The yield is different for each agricultural product. The concept of harvest is used not only in agricultural products but also in honey. Although many people are asked what is the yield of honey, this varies according to each region and honey. Some types of honey It is produced from endemic plant species. Bees collect pollen by landing on endemic plant species throughout the year. With these powders, bees produce honey and annual milking is done from the produced honey.

Turkish Beekeepers' Central Union collects data every year. Finds the annual honey production in Turkey in line with the honey yields of the regions and provinces. Conducting research on what is the yield of honey also prevents beekeepers from taking unconscious actions. When comparing the previous years with the new crop, it is also revealed where the producer made a mistake.

There are many different types of honey in our country. The most produced honey varieties in Turkey;

  • Pine honey
  • Flower honey
  • Anzer honey
  • thyme honey
  • chestnut honey
  • linden honey
  • lavender honey
  • citrus honey

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These honeys, which vary according to the area they are produced, will also differ in yield. Although the honey harvest of the regions is evident in the middle of the season, adverse weather conditions also determine the amount to be produced. It is necessary to have information about what is the honey yield as well as what affects the honey yield. In this way, beekeepers pay special attention to these issues while producing honey. Causes affecting honey yield;

  • Unplanned spraying
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Global warming
  • Less pollination
  • Not maintaining the combs
  • Economic risks
  • Social risks
  • Natural disasters

Each one affects the honey yield on its own. Anzer honey Considering the 2019 harvest, it is close to 2 tons, while it is expected to exceed 2 tons this year. After the beekeepers take the necessary care, the yield of honey increases. In areas where pine honey is produced, yield reduction is seen with forest fires. In the Mediterranean Region, where forest fires increase, the yield of pine honey begins to decline further.

In special honeys such as Anzer honey;

  • Timely maintenance of the honeycomb by the producers
  • Climatic conditions support the production of Anzer honey

will increase the yield. Since the yield of chestnut honey and other honeys is different every year, it may not be easy to follow the developments. In regions with special honey, such as the Black Sea region, citizens will achieve success in honey production after performing comb maintenance and other works. Since the content of each honey is different, the content of honeys that are a source of healing, such as chestnut honey and Anzer honey, is determined. The honey harvest of that year is not known until the honey milking process is done completely. Although the producers set an average of a certain kg each year, the figures will appear when the milking process is fully completed.

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