Vatman Arrested in Alibeyköy Tram Accident

Istanbul Alibeykoy Tram and IETT Bus Carpist Many Injured
Tram and IETT Bus Collided in Istanbul Alibeyköy! There Are Many Injured

After the accident in Eyüpsultan, Istanbul, in which 33 people were injured, in which the tram and the IETT bus collided, Vatman S.Ö was arrested. It was learned that S.Ö said in his statement at the prosecutor's office, “I may have lost my sight of hunger or fainted”.

The proceedings of the tram driver Semi Özcan (30), who was detained within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, at the Alibeyköy Police Station, have been completed.

The suspect, who was brought to the Istanbul Courthouse and whose statement was taken by the prosecutor's office, was transferred to the criminal judge of peace on duty for the crime of “causing more than one person to be injured by conscious negligence”. S.Ö was arrested by the court he was brought to.

Within the scope of the investigation, it was stated that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Traffic Directorate made an investigation on the signaling movements after the accident, and the relevant unit was asked to report whether there was a malfunction with the signaling information.

S.Ö's statement at the prosecutor's office appeared. In his statement, S.Ö stated that he has been a citizen for about 7 years and said:

“I have been working on the T5 Eminönü-Alibeyköy tram line for two years. After picking up the passengers from Alibeyköy stop, I got moving again. At that time, I was alone in the cabin. I know I followed the last path. However, I don't remember the process after the move. About 4 months ago, I went to the hospital with the complaint of heart palpitations. Other than that, I do not have any chronic diseases.

I hadn't eaten anything the morning of the incident. I may have fainted or fainted from hunger. I don't remember how many minutes I was unconscious. Because when I came to my senses, I saw that the tram I was using hit the IETT bus and ambulances came to the scene. Then the paramedics took me to the hospital. After the hospital, I went to the police station and gave my statement.” This is the first time such an accident has happened to me. I am very sorry for what happened. Everything happened outside of my will and control. I can't remember if the tram lights were green or red because I fainted. Normally I use the acceleration lever manually in the trolley cab. Signaling failures have happened to me many times on this route or other routes. However, I do not know whether the system gave the same error in the accident that occurred on the date of the incident. I demand that it be investigated," he said.

In the referral letter of the Prosecutor's Office, the qualification and nature of the crime charged on the suspect, the high number of victims, the act of the suspect taking place with conscious negligence, the unconsciousness of two of the victims and their life-threatening dangers, the fact that the majority of the victims have not yet completed the statement and the evidence has not been fully collected. It was stated that his arrest was requested.

Günceleme: 07/12/2022 13:07

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