Turkey's First Gastronomy Vocational High School Opened in Cappadocia

Turkey's First Gastronomy Vocational High School Opened in Cappadocia
Turkey's First Gastronomy Vocational High School Opened in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Gastronomy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Turkey's first school to provide gastronomy education, was opened with a ceremony attended by Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer.

Stating that he is happy to open Turkey's first gastronomy vocational and technical Anatolian high school in Nevşehir at the opening ceremony, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said that vocational education, which was destroyed by the coefficient application during the 28 February process, was reborn from its ashes in a very powerful way. Noting that the coefficient application alienates academically successful students from vocational education and deepens the gap in success between schools and renders the human resources needed by the labor market unable to be trained, Özer stated that after the abolition of the practice in 2012, all national education ministers and bureaucrats carried out very serious projects to revive vocational education. he did.

Stating that vocational high schools have turned into schools attended by academically successful students, Özer said, “We have vocational high schools where students from the 1 percent success rate come. Aselsan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Technopark Istanbul Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School… Hopefully, this high school will now accept students from the 1 percent success rate.” said.

Pointing out that they have also increased the production capacity within the scope of revolving funds, Minister Özer said that they have reached a production of 2 billion liras at the current point. Underlining that this is important for the development of students' manual skills, learning by doing and employment after graduation, Minister Özer said, "It is also important because students and teachers can receive a share as much as they contribute to production, because 2 million of the 100 billion income is spent as a contribution to our students and 200 million to our teachers. We distributed.” said. Reminding that during the Kovid-19 epidemic process, vocational high schools produced products such as masks and disinfectants, which were difficult to obtain in those days, Özer noted that this way, the epidemic was overcome much more easily.

Özer continued his words as follows: “We established R&D centers in vocational high schools because intellectual property is very critical in the development of countries. With the presence of our President, we opened 50 R&D centers for patent, utility model, trademark, design registration and their commercial production. The number of products registered by the Ministry of National Education in the last 10 years was 2,9. Our target in 2022 was to register 7 products. Before the end of 500, we received the registration of 2022 products. 8 of these products were commercialized. Vocational high schools now export abroad and produce the product they export. Look, from the debris brought by the application of that coefficient and the February 300 process, a truly gigantic, powerful vocational education that meets all the needs of the country has emerged.”

Noting that they have also strengthened the vocational training centers, which are critical to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Turkey, for apprentices, journeymen and masters, Özer said, “On December 25, 2021, we made a very important change in the Vocational Education Law No. 3308. While the number of apprentice journeymen in Turkey was 159 thousand at that time, our President set a target. That we will increase the number of apprentice journeymen in Turkey to 2022 million by 1. Today, there are 1 million 200 thousand apprentices and journeymen.” he said.

Mentioning that they started a mobilization in the field of gastronomy, which opened the first vocational technical Anatolian high school today, Özer said, “We started a Gastronomy mobilization for the discovery of traditional Turkish cuisine related to gastronomy, which we carried out under the auspices of Emine Erdoğan, its active use in re-consumption with innovative approaches, its inventory and recording. and for this, we started to establish academies in different provinces, but Nevşehir was fortunate enough to open the first high school.” said.

Expressing his gratitude to everyone who contributed, Özer said that a management model will be built in which different units meet for a common goal together with the University of Cappadocia. Özer stated that not only education will be given in Cappadocia Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, but also R&D studies related to gastronomy will be carried out. Minister Özer concluded his speech by wishing the school good luck.

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer's wife Nebahat Özer, Nevşehir Governor İnci Sezer Becel, Deputy Minister Sadri Şensoy, Vocational and Technical Education General Manager Nazan Şener, Cappadocia University Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Karasar, Rector of Haci Bektas Veli University Prof. Dr. Semih Aktekin and guests attended.

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