Turkey's Largest Water Based Painting Facility MOBIBOYA Opened

Turkey's Largest Water Based Dyeing Plant MOBIBOYA Opened
Turkey's Largest Water Based Painting Facility MOBIBOYA Opened

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the MOBIBOYA Common Use Facility, Turkey's largest water-based dyeing facility, which was established within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, financed within the framework of the financial cooperation of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. Minister Varank stated that the furniture and metal painting base, which was built with an investment of approximately 7 million euros, will offer important opportunities to all businesses, especially SMEs.

Minister Varank attended the opening and the collective opening ceremony of the Furniture and Metal Painting Common Use Facility (MOBIBOYA) in the Furnituremakers Site. Speaking at the opening of the facility in Oymaağaç, Varank reminded that Togg is the first photograph of the Century of Turkey, new photos are added to these photo frames day by day, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the world's seventh highest dam in Yusufeli before Togg's excitement faded.


Stating that the unmanned fighter aircraft Bayraktar Kızılelma made its first flight, Varank said, “There are some technologies that you do not get just a product when you develop it. You change an entire system. You rewrite the rules of the game. I said the same thing about Togg last week. The Red Apple is one of these exceptional technologies. This technology will not only play a role in the defense of our country's lands, but will also reveal a great vision for the defense industry. It will force ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, ASPİLSAN to make new breakthroughs. It will completely transform the defense industry suppliers.” he said.


Stating that the current investment amount of the works opened in Kayseri today is approximately 470 million liras, Minister Varank stated that there are 15 projects with a budget of 6 million liras supported by ORAN Development Agency.


Explaining that these facilities provide solutions to the various needs of Kayseri, from employment to productivity, from agriculture to milk processing facilities, Varank said, “Today, we are opening 3 new private sector factories that will strengthen the power of Kayseri's industry. These factories, which were brought to life with an investment of approximately 245 million liras, have now become a source of bread for our 570 citizens.” said.


Minister Varank stated that the furniture and metal painting base, which was built with an investment of approximately 7 million euros in partnership with the European Union, will offer important opportunities to all businesses, especially SMEs.


Emphasizing that Kayseri is one of the locomotive cities in furniture production, Varank said, “It is Turkey's number one. 20 of the 11 largest furniture manufacturers in our country produce here. 2 out of every 1 chairs, 10 out of 7 sofas, 4 out of 1 bases, 2 out of 1 spring mattresses produced in Turkey comes from Kayseri. Here, with the MOBIBOYA project, we have established Turkey's largest water-based painting infrastructure, which will carry the furniture ecosystem forward. Here we set out with the philosophy of zero waste and 100 percent efficiency. All dyeing processes are managed by smart robots and programmable machines. The painting processes of products such as wood, panels, MDF, chipboard, metal, glass, fiberglass, automotive parts, truck tarps, chairs, tables and windows are completed with fully automatic machines. With the 360-degree paint robot, the materials transported on the conveyors can be painted. With the digital printing unit, high quality prints can be made on the products.” used the phrases.


Stating that the furniture sector in Turkey is constantly developing, Varank noted that the sector's exports, which were 2001 million dollars in 192, reached 2022 billion dollars in 4,8. However, Varank, who expressed that efforts should be made to break some monopolies, said, “Undoubtedly, Turkey, as a rising value in the furniture industry, can turn these facts upside down. If we want to be permanent, we have to invest in high technology. We have to increase the added value.” used the phrases.


Minister Varank stated that the periods in which money was earned for five years or ten years with a product have passed, that people are constantly waiting for innovation, and are looking for innovative products. Emphasizing that the furniture ecosystem in Turkey has this dynamism and competence, Varank said, “We always take care to be there for you to accelerate these processes. See, in the last 19 years, we have supported R&D projects in the field of furniture manufacturing with TÜBİTAK for approximately 60 million TL. The number of R&D and design centers supported by our Ministry in this area has reached 28. You will see that these numbers will go much higher.” he said.


Explaining that the development agencies have transferred 415 million liras to 326 projects carried out for the furniture sector, Varank said, “With the 10 investment incentive certificates we have issued for furniture manufacturing in the past 1478 years, we have paved the way for 18 billion lira fixed investment and 39 thousand employments. In the last 4 years, with the help of KOSGEB, we have made a support payment of 9 million TL to 250 thousand 750 enterprises operating in the sector, with current figures.” said.


Noting that the number of OIZs in Kayseri will increase to 4 with the new OIZ planned to be established in Güneşli on the Kayseri-Sivas road, Minister Varank said, “Our goal in the new OIZ is to create new enterprises with a medium-high and high-tech production structure. When the investments here are completed, we will provide employment opportunities for 38 thousand more citizens.” used the phrases.


Stating that the Agricultural Greenhouse Specialized OIZ will be established in order to develop modern technological greenhouses and good agricultural practices in order to expand agricultural production in Kayseri, Varank stated that an investment of 81 million TL will be made in the first stage for the OIZ, whose feasibility study has been completed. Pointing out that they expect an increase of 25 percent in the food sales and exports of Kayseri with the completion of the aforementioned project, Minister Varank noted that Kayseri always responds to the investments made.

After the speeches, Minister Varank cut the opening ribbon of the facility with the participation of Governor Gökmen Çiçek, Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş and AK Party Kayseri deputies.

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