Cruise Tourism and Izmir's City Hotels were Discussed at TTI Izmir

Cruise Tourism and Izmir's City Hotels were Discussed in TTI Izmir
Cruise Tourism and Izmir's City Hotels were Discussed at TTI Izmir

Various interviews are also held as part of the 16th TTI Izmir International Tourism Trade Fair and Congress. On the first day of TTI İzmir, with the participation of sector representatives, “How is the pulse of city hotels in İzmir?” and “Cruise Tourism in Izmir and the Aegean Region”. Participants gave information about İzmir's tourism potential and expectations from 2023.

Moderated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Branch Manager Melih Kayacık, “How is the pulse of city hotels in İzmir?” Swiss Hotel Grand Efes General Manager Rıza Elibol, Hyatt Regency İzmir General Manager Zafer Canbaz, İzmir Palas General Manager Aydın Tokbaş, Marriott İzmir General Manager Sercan Korkusuz and Boyalık Beach Hotel General Manager Orhan Belge took part as speakers.

It is pleasing to open new hotels by anticipating the potential of the city.

Swiss Hotel Grand Efes General Manager Rıza Elibol said, “We are a business hotel, not a holiday hotel. 60 percent of our guests staying in our hotel are Turkish and 40 percent are foreigners. I find it very pleasing that many chains have decided to invest in İzmir in recent years. It is a pleasure for us to open new hotels by foreseeing the potential of this beautiful city. I hope that this interest will increase in the future and that many more international chains will take place in this beautiful city. The arrival of new brand hotels in İzmir also contributes greatly to İzmir's economy. Although the 16th TTI İzmir Fair is the biggest tourism fair in Turkey, it has a different beauty this year, and the number of participants is very good. I hope that in this beautiful fair where we have the chance to meet and visit each other again, the new hotels that will be opened in our city will take their places next year. We will protect our fair together.”

Our aim is to add a new vision to Izmir

Zafer Canbaz, General Manager of Hyatt Regency İzmir, which will be put into service at the end of this month, said, “Our hotel is located in İstinye Park, which is a shopping center. Our aim is to contribute to the dynamics of the city with the luxury brands in the shopping center and the power of these brands. The vision of our hotel is to create an environment where our guests will feel comfortable, good and happy. We are trying to add a new face to the familiar face of Izmir. While highlighting our hotel, the history and tourism destinations of Izmir, the city where it is located, are the parts that everyone knows. With our newly opened hotel in İzmir, we are trying to write a new story for İzmir tourism with luxury shopping and various restaurants, we present the unknown as well as all the known ones.”

We are hopeful for 2023

Aydın Tokbaş, General Manager of İzmir Palas, said, “Our hotel is one of the most rooted facilities in İzmir with its 95-year history. Since city hotel management is generally not for holiday purposes and business accommodation, making our guests comfortable is our primary goal. We are very hopeful for 2023 in the tourism sector. In the field of health tourism, our guests are getting more intense through agencies. We have plans and social projects in the field of health tourism next year. When every international brand hotel comes to Izmir, eyes naturally turn to Izmir. Every incoming brand attracts the attention of another brand and they wink at İzmir in terms of investing”.

Izmir tourism is extremely suitable for growth

Sercan Korkusuz, General Manager of Marriott Izmir, said, “As Marriott, we are a new hotel in Izmir. Under the umbrella of Marriott, we strive to offer a product that will meet the expectations of our guests and provide them with a luxury experience. In my opinion, Izmir tourism is a very big market that is very suitable for growth, demand will increase gradually and products will diversify. After my experience in different parts of Turkey, I saw this in Izmir. We have very valuable hotels here. In this sense, we want to contribute to the growth and development of İzmir together with our other valuable stakeholders.”

Izmir is a very beautiful place and it deserves this success.

Orhan Belge, General Manager of Boyalık Beach Hotel, said, “Tourism is the generator of economies in countries. The potential of tourism, also called flueless industry, is increasing day by day both in our country and in the world. Although the season seems to be limited in summer in Çeşme, our hotel is a facility preferred by our guests for both thermal tourism and congress tourism in winter. Tourism is also my hotel, not your hotel. When we all succeed and we will all be well so that İzmir can develop. Because Izmir is a very beautiful place and it deserves this success.”

Cruise tourism was discussed

Ercan Abitağaoğlu, Costa Turkey General Manager and TÜRSAB Cruise Tourism Export President, moderated the conversation on “Cruise Tourism in İzmir and the Aegean Region”. In the talk, Celestyal Cruises Turkey Representative and Caravan Cruises Director Özgü Alnıtemiz, Royal Caribbean Turkey Manager Alper Taşkıran and Jolly Tour Overseas Coordinator Tolga Tekin took part as speakers. Speakers emphasized that İzmir is a destination that embodies all the features of sea, sand, sun, gastronomy, history and cultural heritage.

Celestyal Cruises Turkey Representative and Caravan Cruises Director Özgü Alnıtemiz said, “We are a destination-oriented ship company. While we market our own products, we present them with sea, sand, sun, blue, gastronomy, history and cultural heritage features. Izmir and its surroundings are a destination that contains all of these features. On the other hand, the more ships come to a port, the greater the potential of that port. As a company, we visit Turkish ports with two cruise ships. The more the potential of the port increases, the more ships come to visit. Community awareness is also very important in this sense. The respect and hospitality shown to the cruise passengers is an important factor in the ships choosing that port. In addition, we have short programmed dealer and company meetings and a few organizations. We want to develop this further. This year, we will be able to send our guests to our ships departing from Barcelona, ​​especially by direct flight from Izmir-departing aircraft.”

We are very lucky as Izmir region

Royal Caribbean Turkey Manager Alper Taşkıran said, “Cruise companies make their port plans two years in advance, and while these plans are being made, the destination comes first. The destination has to be attractive. We mostly host North American tourists on our ships. In the surveys conducted in the USA on this subject, where will 60 percent of tourists go on their trip? Again, what will 64 percent eat and drink? she is looking at him. Destination comes first, food comes second, and the experience there comes in third. Of course, what they are looking for under the title of destination is the cultural and historical heritage of that place. Therefore, as the Izmir region, we are very lucky in this regard. Because tourists come to a rich geography. There is everything in this geography, there is a variety of food and beverage in terms of culture, history and gastronomy. Other than that, alternative experiences offered in the region. All these are very important for tourists arriving by cruise ship. Apart from all these, the adequacy of our ports is of great importance. İzmir Port is a very important port in this respect, and state contributions, investments and incentives play a very important role in order to further develop cruise tourism in the coming years.

Jolly Tour Overseas Coordinator Tolga Tekin said, “This year, cruise ships departing from Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi, Bodrum and Cesme, departing directly from Turkish ports, came to Turkey after 7 years, and we created the opportunity to embark our guests on these ships. Cruise tourism and the ship industry take a very serious place in the world. We can say that Turkey is still in its infancy in this regard. It is a great advantage that ships dock at Turkish ports this year, and that guests can embark directly from their home city or from ports where they can make a short trip. We are also a very experienced agency in the domestic market. In recent years, Turkish holiday lovers have come to choose their overseas destinations seriously. Actually, the biggest advantage of cruises is that your hotel travels with you, you don't have to wake up in a different port every day and have to open and close your suitcases. While you see many destinations abroad, you travel with a serious full board service”.

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