Breaking Finals in TEKNOMER E-Sports Youth Cup

Kiran Kirana Final in TEKNOMER E-Sports Youth Cup
Breaking Finals in TEKNOMER E-Sports Youth Cup

KLOD50 team from Great Ankara College and Kalaba Esports team from Kalaba High School competed in the TEKNOMER E-Sports Youth Cup Final with an award of 9 thousand TL, organized by Keçiören Municipality. In the fierce battle with the Valorant game, the KLOD9 team won the fight 2-0 and became the winner of the first trophy and an award worth 50 thousand TL. At the end of the league process, the Esports team came second and the Nexus team from Şehit Furkan Yayla Anatolian High School came in third. In the final competition, in which Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok also participated, cups, medals and gifts were presented to the top three teams. Students and teachers watched the play, which was reflected in the hall with the LED screen, with great interest.

Speaking to the young participants before the final competition held in the hall specially prepared for the final in Keçiören Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “When we went back 50 years, there seemed to be no field related to informatics and technology. The computer system is in place and is in service. The field is expanding and developing. Of course, this situation changes the world. It also changes habits in the world. It also changes the way of life on earth. It also facilitates access to information. Of course, when we do not use information and informatics well, a waste of time arises. When we spend a lot of time on social media, there are times when we lose our future outside of knowledge and times that we cannot make up for. Our age continues to change with information and technology. There were powerful companies in the world for a while. These were companies belonging to the oil, pharmaceutical and weapons industries. When it comes to informatics and software, the list of the rich in the world has changed. Asarlık companies were replaced by information and technology companies. Power has passed into the hands of IT and technology companies.” said.

Congratulating the teams that participated and succeeded in the TEKNOMER E-Sports Youth Cup, Altınok said, “The reason for opening the Technology Center is; to encourage our youth in the field of informatics, software and technology and to prepare them for the future. There is no such center anywhere in Ankara. There is no such a well-equipped centre. We opened this place to prepare our youth for the future, and we are mobilizing our resources to train them in every field. Today, I congratulate all our teams and athletes who ranked in this tournament and who showed the confidence to participate in the tournament, and wish them continued success. Thank you to those who contributed to the organization of our tournament. You have to work hard to be the first. Being first among 36 teams is not easy. Being second and third is also an important achievement.” he said.


In the E-Sports Youth Cup organized by Keçiören Municipality TEKNOMER; last month, the first and second qualifying tournaments were held and league struggles were held between the successful teams. In the league consisting of 8 teams; KLOD9 Team from Büyük Ankara College and Kalaba Esports team from Kalaba High School qualified for the finals. Klod2 Team defeated their opponent 0-9 in the contested final and took the first place. A player monitor was given to the first team, a hardware set to the second team, and a gaming headset to the third team.

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