TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/2 GCC Meeting was Held

TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/2 GCC Meeting was Held
TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/2 GCC Meeting was Held

TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/2 Institutional Administrative Board Meeting was held. The demands of the General Authorized Union Transportation Officer-Sen were discussed at the JCC meeting.

TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/2 Institution Administrative Board Meeting, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The meeting was held with the participation of Deputy General Manager Erol Arıkan, heads of departments, Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Çalışkan and Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yıldırım, İbrahim Uslu, Atilla Demirtunç and Ankara Branch No. 3, Hamit Dinç.

Transportation Officer-Sen's TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The agenda items of the 2022/2 GCC Meeting are as follows;

1- Preventing active personnel losses by rearranging the content and difficulty level of the psychotechnical tests to which the active railway personnel are subjected,

· An arrangement will be made according to the qualifications of the tests by the Scientific Committee to be formed by the Ministry of Health, and it is planned to be completed by the end of the year. There is no action that can be taken by our institution at this stage.

2- Starting the tender process for Protective Clothing Aid, which is our 6th Term Collective Agreement acquisition, in January 2023. In addition, increasing the diversity of companies locally and updating the specification accordingly.

· The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will be followed in the tender process of 2023.

3- Opening electronic transfers regularly twice a year in order to meet personnel transfer requests in the institution.

· Preparations will be made for it to be held twice in 2023.

4- Making arrangements to give Workshop compensation to Technicians and Technicians working in the Workshops.

· It will be implemented as of January 1, 2023.

5- Improving the physical conditions of active personnel rest rooms.

· Necessary arrangements will be made by examining Samsun. Requests for other units will also be evaluated.

6- Allocating drivers to vehicles procured with service procurement. (Not allowing personnel to drive)

· A directive study is carried out on the subject.

7- Machinists also carry out the duty of Train Supervisor. For this reason, initiating the necessary procedures for the Machinists to receive the title of 'Chief Machinist'.

· As long as the title of “Train Chief” continues, it is not possible to create such a title.

8- Opening the Chief Engineer courses and giving their titles to the personnel assigned as Chief Engineer. The delegated personnel should also be included in the Training of Trainers Course, and it should be ensured that they take part in training and examination works on the train.

· In 2023, the Chief Engineer course will be opened, after which the Promotion and Title Change exam will be held for this title. Training of Trainers Course will be planned in 2023.

9- Appointment of the relevant personnel under the title of 'Wagon Inspection and Preparation Technical Controller' of the titles of Inspector, Chief Inspector, Wagon Technician, Wagon Chief Technician and Wagon Service Chief.

· It is not possible to make such an arrangement.

10- Comprehensive amendment of the Lodging Directive in a way that will not cause personnel grievances.

· There will be a study on the subject.

11- The titles of Warehouse Manager and Assistant Warehouse Manager have been removed and Logistics Manager and Assistant Logistics Manager have been added to their new job descriptions. However, since the necessary changes have not been made in the relevant legislation, the Logistics Manager and Logistics Assistants cannot benefit from these remunerations. Making the necessary update in the Clothing Aid Directive.

· Necessary changes will be made in the legislation.

12- Deleting disciplinary penalties within legal time limits, using the discretionary power to delete disciplinary penalties from the personnel file.

· The proposal will be submitted to the General Manager.

13- Providing representation, ceremony and entertainment allowances to service managers.

· It is not possible to give this allowance.

14- Renewing the handheld radios, flashlights and computers in the duty stations of the personnel working actively in our institution, according to the conditions of the day.

· Following the system to be established by the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise, the necessary process will be carried out.

15- In the protective clothing that the logistics personnel take in accordance with the relevant legislation; the addition of clothing such as boots, leather vests, gloves, rain and windproof cargo pants.

It will be implemented in 2024 by making the necessary changes in the legislation.

16- Making the basic wage scale suitable by adding the titles of Machinist and YHT Machinist among the titles with an education level of "Engineer" in the salary scale.

· There will be a study on the subject.

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