100th Year Target in Aquaculture, 600 Thousand Tons

Year Target in Aquaculture, Thousand Tons
100th Year Target in Aquaculture, 600 Thousand Tons

Fisheries and Aquaculture General Manager Dr. Mustafa Altuğ Atalay stated that the importance of aquaculture in food supply and safety is increasing day by day, emphasizing the importance of aquaculture in the nutrition of the world population of 8 billion and in meeting the need for protein of animal origin.

Mustafa Altuğ Atalay stated that with the successful policies implemented by the ministry, aquaculture production, which was 2002 thousand tons in 61, reached 2021 thousand tons in 472, that it will end with approximately 2022 thousand tons in 515, and that they foresee a country production of 600 thousand tons in the "Turkey Century". He also stated that the share of salmon in production is increasing day by day.

Atalay stated that thanks to the policies implemented by the Ministry in the recent period, a significant part of the increased production in the entire agricultural sector and related agricultural production exports are obtained from aquaculture, that aquaculture is almost the locomotive, that they will reach an export of 1,6 billion dollars at the end of the year. Stating that he thinks that investments and bivalve production, which will be realized in the coming periods, will play a leading role in achieving the export target of 2023 billion dollars, which is 2, he stated that they have realized aquaculture production as 2.223 thousand tons in 2021 with 472 aquaculture facilities in our country, and that the year 2022 will end with approximately 515 thousand tons. In the "Turkey Century", they predicted to reach a country production of 600 thousand tons, that the fish grown have high standards in terms of quality, taste and health, that exports are made to more than 100 countries, especially the international taste of seafood products.He also stated that he receives awards from quality institutions and organizations every year.

Turkish salmon, which is grown in the Black Sea and is one of the most preferred fish in 30 countries, including Russia, China, Germany, Japan, Canada and Vietnam, produced 2021 thousand tons of production in 40, and Turkish salmon export, which was 23 thousand tons last year, is due to this fact. He stated that they expect it to reach 100 thousand tons with an increase of 45 percent.

Günceleme: 26/12/2022 12:18

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