Crew of Shenzhou-15 in Orbit for a Month

Shenzhou Crew is in Orbit for a Month
Crew of Shenzhou-15 in Orbit for a Month

Three taikonauts of China's Shenzhou-15 manned spacecraft entered the Tiangong Space Station on November 3. It's been a month so far. The 30 taikonauts quickly got used to the life in space and are now regularly working in orbit.

After completing the installation and testing of some scientific experiment cabins, the taikonauts carried out a series of scientific experiments. After the workout, the three taikonauts also did 90 minutes of physical exercise.

2 tayknots live in the Wentian sleeping area and one in the core sleeping area. This is flexibly adjusted to their personal needs.

Günceleme: 30/12/2022 14:28

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