Rosatom Develops Nuclear Fuel for Modernized Floating Power Plants

Rosatom Develops Nuclear Fuel for Modernized Floating Power Plants
Rosatom Develops Nuclear Fuel for Modernized Floating Power Plants

Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation Rosatom has completed nuclear fuel development work for the RITM-200S reactor facility designed for modernized floating nuclear power plants.

The power plants in question are intended to supply energy to the Baimsky Mining and Processing Plant in the Chukotka Region of Russia.

At the request of the TVEL fuel company, which is part of Rosatom, designers from the Afrikantov OKBM company in Russia made the basic design of the RITM-200S reactor core. AA Bochvar VNIINM, one of TVEL's companies, developed the basic designs of the fuel element, combustible absorber rods and starting neutron source. Afrikantov OKBM carried out the basic designs of the absorbers and control rods. The production of the core will be done by the Machinery Manufacturing Factory MSZ A.Ş., affiliated to TVEL in Elektrostal, Russia.

Comprehensive development of Russia's Arctic region is one of the strategic priorities of the state. Increasing the energy independence of the region is of great importance in terms of reaching the targets set. In addition to the design of new energy facilities, work continues on ensuring regular cargo transportation on the Northern Sea Route, the construction of new nuclear icebreakers and the modernization of the necessary infrastructure.

A major project is underway to build a mining and processing plant in the Peschanka porphyry copper deposit in Bilibinsky District in Chukotka. Rosatom proposed modernized floating power plants with two new RITM-200S reactors to supply electricity to the Baimsky Mining and Processing Plant. In total, the project includes the construction of four power units, three main and one spare for use while the main unit is under repair.

The design of the modernized floating power plant includes two RITM-198S reactors, each with a rated thermal power of 200 MW. Unlike the “Akademik Lomonosov” floating power plant, the new generation floating power plants are safer and more economical. The RITM-200S reactor core has four times more energy than the floating power plant KLT-40S core and has a longer fuel life up to refueling. The time between refueling for the RITM-200S is approximately five years. This period is about twice as long as the fuel life of “Akademik Lomonosov”.

Modern nuclear reactors of the RITM type are widely used in small power plants of various designs. The pioneering universal nuclear icebreaker of the Arktika 22220 project with two RITM-200 reactors and the first serial icebreaker of the project "Siberia" joined the nuclear fleet and is navigating the Northern Sea Route. Atomflot FSUE company held a grand ceremony for the maiden voyage of the second serial universal nuclear icebreaker Ural from the port of Murmansk on December 2, 2022. The fourth universal nuclear icebreaker Yakutia was launched on November 22 in St. Petersburg, the fifth icebreaker of this series is being built at the Baltic Shipyard in Chukotka.

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