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medical patient chair

Medical patient chair are chair models specially prepared for people in need. These armchair models, which are specially produced with the quality of technocomfort and also with the production team, are personal.

Medical Patient Chair

patient chairIt is one of the seat models specially designed and produced by Teknokonfor company. These seat models, which are preferred due to their customizability; It is especially used for sick, disabled and elderly citizens.

In addition to the fabric options, size capacity and technical features specially selected for the person, all other features have been changed. medical chair models; special lying position and lift position and other medical patient chair different from other models.

patient chair

Technocomfort, is serving you in Masko Furniture City. You can visit the Teknokonfor company in Masko, examine the medical patient chair models closely and get price information.

medical chair

Patient Chair Technical Specifications

Teknokonfor patient chairs, which are controlled by a remote control, are controlled by a remote control. Teknokonfor patient chairs, which have 4 buttons on the remote, can be controlled separately from the foot part and separately from the back part.

It also has a 180-degree bank angle. Technocomfort patient chairs are produced in very large sizes. The seat structure, which does not contain cosmically harmful substances, provides support to your spine and posture.


If you want to take the specially produced patient chair models to your homes, you can contact the company. With the reliable shipping system and successful production and installation team, patient chairs are sent all over Turkey and abroad.

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