Ordu's Hidden History Reveals

The Army's Hidden History Reveals
Ordu's Hidden History Reveals

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, with its support for the restoration of the Eskipazar Mosque and the excavations around the mosque, brings to light the period of the Hacıemiroğulları Principality, the first settlement of Altınordu district and the first principality to add the region to Turkish lands.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that 90 percent of the works have been completed and that they are planning to complete the restoration of the historical mosque and put it into service during Ramadan.


Seeing the works on site and getting information from the authorities, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that with the completion of the restoration, a magnificent work will emerge.

President Güler continued his words as follows: “We are proud of the work done because this is Ordu's most historic mosque. 90 percent of our work here is done. We are planning to open the mosque in Ramadan if Allah does not prevent it. We will do the landscaping. Apart from that, excavations continue here. We carry out works in three separate branches with mosque restoration, landscaping and excavations. Excavations will be finished next month. We will present all of them together as a whole to the service and appreciation of our people. We have special works on the door of the mosque. The original is in Ankara Ethnography Museum. A replica of it will also be released and placed. Minbar work is finished. All of them have been prepared and we will complete the remaining 10 percent of the work and put them into service. A magnificent work will emerge.”


Referring to the restoration works supported by the Ordu Governorship YIKOB, President Güler said that the findings point to the BC, and that the historical riches of Ordu will be brought to light step by step with the works.

President Güler continued his words as follows: “There were graves, they were moved, and we are carrying out our work in a way to protect other areas. The items used in that period were found during the excavations. There was a settlement here not only during the time of the Hacıemiroğlu Principality, but also before that. We will take all the finds related to them together with the Council, Jason and Yoroz as a whole. There is a history of the army that went BC along with what happened from Jason. This is a great settlement and the center of an empire. We are bringing the historical riches of Ordu to light step by step.”

Günceleme: 29/12/2022 16:08

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