Students are Raised with Critical Reading Consciousness

Students are Raised with Critical Reading Awareness
Students are Raised with Critical Reading Consciousness

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer noted that the “Read-Comment, Writing-Comment” project, which is carried out to create an area where students studying at social sciences high schools can act actively in the fields of critical reading and creative writing, continues by gaining a new dimension with activities for critical reading. The first term activities of the “Read-Comment, Writing-Comment” project by the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Secondary Education for critical reading come to life with different activities.

The project, which was carried out under the name of "Authors Workshop" in the 2021-2022 academic year, was implemented with 16 social sciences high schools as a pilot. With the project, the scope of which has been expanded this year, activities for critical reading are carried out in 93 social sciences high schools in two stages with creative writing activities.

Making an assessment on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that the "Read-Comment, Write-Comment" project was carried out under the coordination of Kayseri Kilim Social Sciences High School, which won the story type competition last year within the scope of the project, and said: We aim to educate young writers with critical reading skills.” said.

Minister Özer stated that the project, which was carried out with the participation of 67 students and advisor teachers from 93 social sciences high schools in 930 provinces; He stated that it will contribute to the development of task performance, emotion regulation, cooperation, open-mindedness and interaction with others.

Expressing that they also aim to gain a culture of reading with the project, Özer said, “In line with the goal of gaining critical reading skills through learning communities to be formed in schools, studies aimed at helping our students gain the ability to make objective and subjective criticism, synthesize old and new information, develop an individual unique perspective, and use key concepts in reading by sensing. being executed.” she said.

Student-author meetings at schools

Within the scope of the “Read-Comment, Text-Comment” project, students read five books determined by social sciences high school advisor teachers. Each book whose reading process is completed is evaluated with the support of an academician or an author meeting together with the advisor teachers, and a critical reading process is carried out. When the reading process for all the books is completed, the schools will share with the coordinator school the evaluation articles about the activities carried out and the books they read to the General Directorate.

The creative writing process for creating poetry and essay type products planned for the second semester will be carried out after the online trainings in March and April. Students studying in social sciences high schools will participate in the competition in poetry and essay genres this year.

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