Obesity and Hypertension Cause of 'Yellow Spot' in the Eye

Obesity and Hypertension Common 'Yellow Spot' Cause
Obesity and Hypertension Cause of 'Yellow Spot' in the Eye

Anadolu Health Center Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Arslan Bozdağ gave information about "macular degeneration" known as yellow spot disease.

The circular region with a diameter of 5.5 mm, located in the central part of the retina layer at the back of the eye, is called the "yellow spot". Stating that this region provides central vision, Anadolu Health Center Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Arslan Bozdağ said, “The cause of the disease is the accumulation of metabolic wastes in the retina layer, which is the innermost layer of the eye, with age, and the formation of new vessels due to the circulation problem that arises for this reason.”

Reminding that yellow spot disease does not result in complete blindness, Dr. Arslan Bozdag said, "These patients can do their own business at home, but they cannot go out alone, they cannot recognize money and faces, they cannot read, write or drive a car."

“The point being looked at is blurred and the surrounding is seen more clearly, a sign of yellow spot disease”

Emphasizing that the disease has 2 types, wet and dry type, Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Arslan Bozdağ said, “The disease progresses mildly and slowly in the dry type, and faster in the wet type. Among the symptoms of macular degeneration are broken or wavy vision, difficulty in reading, seeing the colors dull, seeing the point where he is looking blurry and seeing his surroundings more clearly.

Stating that eye angiography (FFA) and eye tomography (OCT) are used in the diagnosis of macular degeneration, Dr. Arslan Bozdağ said, “In eye angiography, dyed drug is given from the arm veins and photographs are taken while passing through the eye veins. If dye leaks out of the vessel or new vessels are detected during this transition, the disease is classified as wet type. Eye tomography, on the other hand, is a procedure performed as if taking a photograph. There is no risk or harm. The presence of fluid in the retinal folds is a wet type finding. In the dry type, the diagnosis is made with the changes in the region.

“Additional attention should be paid to a healthy diet in addition to the treatment”

Underlining that the course of the disease can be slowed down with protective measures such as vitamin support and protection from ultraviolet light for the treatment of dry type yellow spot, Dr. Arslan Bozdağ said, “The implementation of the Mediterranean diet will also be good for vascular health. In the treatment of wet type disease, in addition to various laser applications to destroy newly formed vessels, various intraocular drug injections are most frequently applied today. With these treatments, first of all, the existing vision is tried to be preserved, and sometimes even slight increases in vision can be achieved.

“5 ways to prevent yellow spot”

Although it is not possible to completely prevent macular degeneration, early diagnosis is very important, Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Arslan Bozdağ said, “It is important to keep other health problems under control here. For example, if there is a cardiovascular problem, its treatment should not be neglected," and he made recommendations to prevent the disease:

You should definitely use sunglasses.

Smoking significantly increases the risk of macular degeneration.

You should exercise regularly and stay at the ideal weight.

It should be fed with fruits and vegetables.

Fish should be consumed at regular intervals. Fish, walnuts, and many other nuts are omega-3-rich foods. These foods contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

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