New Investment from Roketsan in Defense Industry Base

New Investment from Roketsan to Defense Industry Ussun
New Investment from Roketsan in Defense Industry Base

Kırıkkale, which is one of the important centers of the Turkish defense industry, has been attracting attention with its new investments by both the public and private sectors. The strengthening of MKE's presence in the city came from Roketsan after the establishment of Kırıkkale Arms Industry Specialized OIZ. Roketsan will put its new investment into operation on a 9-decare land in Kırıkkale in March 500.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that they support the defense industry as well as all other sectors as the ministry and said, “Kırıkkale is almost rearing up with defense industry investments. We are in the business of developing Turkey with value-added production. In this sense, Kırıkkale's contribution to our country and its economy is very important.” said.


Minister Varank visited Roketsan's new investment location in Kırıkkale. During the visit, Minister Varank was accompanied by Roketsan General Manager Murat Second, as well as Kırıkkale Governor Bülent Tekbıyıkoğlu, AK Party Kırıkkale Deputies Ramazan Can.


Commenting on the investment field, Varank stated that, “A very serious investment has been made that will take Turkey one step forward in critical technologies and fields, and said, “In addition to its current works here, Roketsan will make investments in different technologies for the future, both in the defense industry and in different fields. They are making this investment in Kırıkkale on a large land of 9 decares. The employment capacities here will exceed the thousand and there will be a very serious employment. It will have caught Turkey's largest defense industry investments, whose investment figures last for years.” said.


Explaining that Roketsan is one of the favorite companies of the defense industry, which brings significant gains to Turkey in different ammunitions in rocket technologies, Varank said, "With the facilities here, it will both increase its capacity and carry out new studies." he said.


Noting that Kırıkkale has grown up with investments in the defense industry recently, Varank said, “MKE is here, Roketsan is here, our private sector companies are making very serious investments in this period. In addition to the weapon OSB we brought to Kırıkkale, we are making serious investments here by allocating public lands to our powerful companies. Of course, these investments will continue here, thanks to the location of Kırıkkale, its proximity to Ankara, and the fact that we have placed Kırıkkale in the heart of Turkey with its serious transportation axes.” said.


Pointing out that they will continue to invest in Kırıkkale with the private sector and Presidency of Defense Industries companies, Varank said, “Our private sector companies will have very serious new investments from filling facilities to different production areas. We are concerned with developing Turkey with value-added production. We are concerned about making Turkey a self-sufficient country with production. In this sense, Kırıkkale's contribution to our country and its economy is very important. I would like to thank both our citizens of Kırıkkale, our esteemed governor, our deputies, and our mayor.” he said.


Underlining that as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, they support the defense industry as well as all sectors, Varank said, “We have given serious incentives to this investment. We have prepared incentive documents. In this way, we paved the way for these investments.” said.


Pointing out that the investment site will be a region where very distinguished infrastructures will be implemented for Turkey, Roketsan General Manager Murat Iki said, “This region will bring Turkey to the forefront, where we will develop very useful and useful technologies, which have a very serious contribution to the economy, and also in terms of technology. It will be an area where we will complete the work.” he said.

Noting that they will start engineering works in March 2023, General Manager Second said, “We will open a part of it and put it into operation, we will increase the capacity of the facilities step by step.” he said.

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