Who is Necip Hablemitoğlu, where is he from, how did he die?

Necip Hablemitoglu Was Assaulted in Front of His House
Necip Hablemitoğlu was shot and killed in front of his house

Necip Hablemitoğlu (born 28 November 1954, Ankara – died 18 December 2002, Ankara), Turkish historian and writer. He died on December 18, 2002 as a result of the assassination in front of his house. Suspect Nuri Gökhan Bozkır, who was considered among the murder suspects, was caught abroad by the National Intelligence Organization in December 2019 and was brought to Turkey on January 26, 2022, after the completion of the judicial processes and handed over to the police.

Necip Hablemitoğlu, who is married and has two daughters, has worked on the recent history of Turkish communities outside of Turkey. He carried out field studies on Turkish artifacts, Turkish minorities and Turkish martyrdoms in Central Europe and the Balkans and took an active role in various projects on these issues. Hablemitoğlu, who has many books and articles on his field of work, taught Atatürk's principles and history of revolution for twenty years as an associate professor at Ankara University until his murder on December 18, 2002.

A faculty member like himself, Prof. Dr. He was married to Şengül Hablemitoğlu and had two daughters, Kanije and Uyvar.

Dr. Necip Hablemitoğlu died on 18 December 2002 as a result of an armed attack in front of his house.

His funeral on December 21, 2002 Karşıyaka He was buried in the Cemetery. After the murder, threatening phone calls to Hablemitoğlu's e-mail and phone were received for investigation by the police. As a result of the lawsuit filed by his family against the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Ankara 5th Administrative Court, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was sentenced to pay 40 thousand liras for non-pecuniary damage. In his defense, the Ministry of Interior declared that he considered the murder of Hablemitoğlu "a case of ordinary murder". In addition, even though 7 years have passed since the murder, the Ministry of Interior was still saying that the "preparatory investigation" was still going on.

Many different allegations have been put forward on the murder of Hablemitoğlu. According to one theory, he was killed by German GSG 9 teams because of his research on Bergama and the German Foundations.[7] According to another theory, he was killed because of his sensitivity to secularism. According to another theory, they were killed by the Ergenekon organization, and they wanted to camouflage themselves and provoke the secular section by placing the blame on the Islamic section.[citation needed] Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, on 14 July 2016, 73 people, including Fetullah Gülen He filed a lawsuit against him on the grounds that they were trying to abolish the constitutional order by establishing an armed terrorist organization. In the indictment, “FETO” was associated with the Hablemitoğlu murder.

According to this view, which was also expressed in the testimonies given by the witnesses in the Ergenekon case; Necip Hablemitoğlu was killed on December 18, 2002. His last research before he died was on the activities of German foundations in Turkey. Hablemitoğlu was going to reveal the new and very important information he found in the German foundations file he was working on, 8 days later, in the "German Foundations" case with 26 defendants, to be heard at the Ankara State Security Court No. 2002 on December 1, 15. Hablemitoğlu, who allegedly obtained very important information that German foundations were carrying out illegal activities in Turkey, fueling ethnic and sectarian divisions and organizing anti-gold mine opponents, was killed in an armed attack in front of his house a week before the trial in which these allegations would be discussed. Those who claimed that the Ergenekon organization had a hand in Hablemitoğlu's death argued that the organization's German connections were very strong, reminding details such as the discovery that the Ergenekon case fugitive accused Bedrettin Dalan was given a fake passport by the German state and the documentation that the Ergenekon defendants were given financial aid from German foundations.

Osman Yıldırım, one of the detained defendants in the Ergenekon case; In a meeting with Veli Küçük, Muzaffer Tekin and Osman Gürbüz, they offered him to kill Hablemitoğlu for one million dollars, and when he did not accept this, Veli Küçük said to Osman Gürbüz, "Osman, this job is up to you again," and for 6-7 months. He later stated in the Ergenekon case indictment that when he saw Osman Gürbüz, he said to him, "We ran out Hablemitoğlu's money on the gambling tables".

In addition, Mehmet Eymür, the former head of the MIT Counterterrorism Department, claimed that Hablemitoğlu may have been assassinated because he posted irregularities in military tenders to corruption.com. Önder Aytaç also used similar expressions later on. However, Hablemitoğlu negates the website corruption.com on page 162 of his book Köstebek.

Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office reopened the Hablemitoğlu file 13 years after his death and it was announced that a re-examination would be made based on the evidence regarding the assassination.

Suspect Nuri Gökhan Bozkır, who was considered among the murder suspects, was caught in Ukraine in December 2019. He was brought to Turkey on January 26, 2022, after the court process regarding his extradition to Turkey was concluded.

In the Hablemitoğlu murder investigation on June 9, 2022, detention warrants were issued for 9 retired soldiers, including Ergenekon defendants, retired colonels Levent Göktaş and Fikret Emek. According to Sedat Peker's claims, while Levent Göktaş was to be detained while in Turkey, he was able to escape to Bulgaria after the police ignored him. Göktaş was caught by Interpol on September 2, 2022, at the request of Turkey, while he was in Bulgaria. Göktaş, who was brought to court before the extradition procedure began, was temporarily detained for 40 days. Göktaş applied for asylum in Bulgaria during this process.

20 years after the assassination, Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office completed the indictment regarding the murder. In the indictment, Fethullah Gülen by designing Mustafa Özcan, who is described as the "Imam of FETO in Turkey", Aydın Köstem, who has been imprisoned since 2017 on the charge of "abducting a FETO member abroad", and Enver Altaylı Hablemitoğlu, who has been convicted of "membership in FETO" and "espionage". by inciting to kill; Fugitive retired Colonel Levent Göktaş, suspected retired captain Ahmet Tarkan Mumcuoğlu and retired major Fikret Emek were accused of "premeditating murder" of Hablemitoğlu. Former captains Nuri Gökhan Bozkır and Serhat Ilıcak, who were captured in Ukraine and brought to Turkey, were also accused of "helping to kill intentionally by design". In the indictment, it is claimed that the money to be distributed to the people involved in the assassination was provided by Enver Altaylı. According to the indictment, it was stated that Enver Altaylı made a payment to the organization that carried out the assassination from the commission money of 900 thousand dollars, which he received after mediating in favor of Siemens for the General Staff to get a tender for infrastructure cables.

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