Ministry of National Defense to Recruit 236 Contracted Personnel

National Defense Department
National defense Department

To be employed as Contracted Personnel at the Ministry of National Defense and the National Defense University; Principles on Employment of Contracted Personnel, dated 2 June 657 and numbered 4/06, of the Council of Ministers, within the scope of Article 1978/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 7, in accordance with the activity calendar specified in the table in the link below. Personnel will be provided within the framework of the decision on the subject.

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Each candidate has only one choice.

Candidates required in the application conditions; Mastery or Journeyman Certificate and MEB Approved Certificates are required to be uploaded to the system from the "Add Other Information/Document" screen, and internationally valid documents whose equivalence is accepted by ÖSYM from the "Add Exam Information" screen.

Candidates graduating from foreign universities must enter/upload the equivalence certificate approved by the Council of Higher Education, and the candidates applying for the titles required to be a secondary school graduate must enter/upload their diploma from the "Add Education Information" screen.

Candidates will be able to check that the documents are uploaded completely and legibly by clicking the "view document" button. Applications of candidates who do not upload their documents to the system or upload them illegibly and incompletely will not be accepted.

The procurement process consists of preliminary application, registration acceptance, oral examination, health report procedures and security investigation stages.
Regarding matters not specified in the announcement text, action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

In the event that no application is made to any of the announced positions, there are not as many applications as the number of announced positions, or the announced position remains vacant due to applications deemed invalid, the Ministry has the right to transfer these positions to other positions it deems appropriate.

If the Ministry deems necessary, it will be able to hold a practice exam and change the Application Guide. Candidates must follow the updates to be made in the advertisement during the application period.

The rules in this guide can be changed when deemed necessary by the Ministry of National Defense after the publication date of the guide.


a) To meet the general conditions in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) To have participated in the Public Personnel Selection Examination held in 2022 by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center Presidency (ÖSYM) and to have received a score,

c) To have the qualifications determined for each cadre title in the qualification table (Table-2) according to the higher education status as of the application date,

ç) To have applied within the time limit and submitted the requested documents and information together with the application document.


a) Applications will be made online between the dates of 02 – 31 December 2022 through the address of

NOTE: Other than the public network (Internet) environment, petitions, letters, mail, etc. Pre-applications to be made using methods will not be accepted, these petitions will not be answered and no action will be taken.

b) Candidates will be directed to the 'Make Preference' screen by completing all the steps by using the application wizard after opening the application screen with their e-government password by entering the website ​​and will be able to make a choice by clicking the relevant purchase. After completing the preference process, he will be able to check his saved preferences by clicking the 'Show My Preferences' button.

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