Metro Istanbul Will Produce Technology

Metro Istanbul Will Produce Technology
Metro Istanbul Will Produce Technology

Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliates of IMM, received the registration certificate for the R&D Center it established to eliminate foreign dependency in technology and to export technology. Technologies produced from the R&D Center will be a pioneer for domestic metro companies, and technology imports will decrease. The travel of passengers will become more comfortable.

Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Turkey's largest urban rail system operator, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), established an R&D Center to reduce foreign dependency and export technology. An application was made to the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the approval of the established center. The Ministry evaluated the application and approved the registration of the R&D Center. The registration certificate for Metro Istanbul was delivered at the 9th R&D and Design Centers and Technology Development Zones Summit held in İzmir.


Informing that they first applied for the registration of the R&D Center in October 2020, Metro Istanbul General Manager Özgür Soy noted that they developed projects at the center with a team of 47 people. Stating that they are dependent on foreign sources in terms of technology, Soy said, “Thanks to the R&D project we have developed, we will save costs and we will be able to quickly eliminate the grievances of our passengers by shortening our response time in case of malfunctions. We are working on many projects such as Passenger Information System (YBS), Platform Separator Door Systems (PAKS), Expedition Planning Software Project, Mobile Catenary System and many other projects that will serve passenger comfort and provide cost advantages and meet the needs of rail systems. With some of our projects, we develop solutions not only for rail systems but also for all public transportation modes.”


Metro Istanbul will have the following advantages with the registration of the R&D Center it has established with the internal resources of the company:

  • The acceptance rate of the projects produced in the sector will increase.
  • With the directive and supervision of the Ministry, R&D and project culture will be built on more solid foundations.
  • Collaborations with universities will increase and the academic interface will be improved.
  • The R&D Center will be an academic center of attraction for sector employees. Both R&D projects will be given opportunities in master's and doctorate education and will contribute to the development of employees.

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