Marble Import and Marble Furniture Groups

Marble Import and Marble Furniture Groups

Marble is one of the greatest wealth of both our country and many other countries. Marble types used in almost all areas of life are the cornerstones of furniture and construction. Our country, which has large marble reserves, exports these marble types to many countries abroad, as well as our country, or more accurately, marble companies in our country import many slab marbles from abroad.

Italy is the first place to apply in this field.

The homeland of many marbles, also known as Italian marble, is Italy. One of the most famous types of marble in Italy, which is a world famous place for marble Carrara Marble. Carrara Marble, which consists of the placement of gray veins on a white background, offers an extra decoration especially in frequently used areas such as marble tables.

marble table

Carrara Marble and Decoration

Carrara Marble, which was frequently used in the field of architecture and art in the old times, is now used in home decoration and furniture groups. This type of marble, which is used especially in coffee table models and dining table models, in order to make comfort areas more natural, solid and stylish; It is preferred in this type of decoration products due to its durability and easy cleaning.

carrara marble

marble coffee table and hygiene on the marble table

Especially marble table and the most important thing in the selection of marble coffee tables is what material these furniture groups are made of. Ertaş Granit – Marble is the most suitable for you with the marble slabs it imports from abroad; It manufactures marble furniture groups in the desired marble type, size and features by specially designing them.

marble coffee table

In addition to the elegance and naturalness that marble gives to your homes; Considering that they are antibacterial and antifungal, marble types are specially prepared with a team of experts to be the most special pieces in your homes with a perfect design.

Ertaş Granite – Marble In order to benefit from the services provided by the company, you can visit its store in Istanbul or you can contact the contact information on the website by examining the website.

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