Close Follow-up of Students Without Registration from the Ministry of National Education

Close Follow-up of Students Out of Registration from the Ministry of National Education
Close Follow-up of Students Without Registration from the Ministry of National Education

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that they are trying to include 280 unregistered students in education by actively using the MERNİS registration system, establishing a call center and reaching families one by one, and that they aim to bring the unregistered young people together with school in 473. Özer made statements regarding the early warning and follow-up system they established to support efforts to increase schooling rates.

Emphasizing that education is the most important instrument used to increase the quality of human capital, which is the most important capital of every country, Özer said that in this context, all countries in the world have carried out very serious projects to bring education-age population together with education, and that Turkey has made great progress in this regard in the last two decades. stated. Pointing out that there are approximately 19 million students at primary, secondary and high school levels in Turkey, Minister Özer continued as follows: “For the first time in the history of the Republic, enrollment rates in all levels of education are above 95 percent. It's not just primary school; All schooling rates in pre-school, middle school and high school have exceeded 95 percent. This is a great success story that would not normally fit in twenty years, because it is not something that can be achieved simply by building classrooms and schools. There are serious social benefits in the background. From conditional education aid to free transported education, from free textbooks to free access to teaching materials, from scholarships to free food services, very serious social policies have been implemented to bring especially disadvantaged groups and girls together with education.”

“We will focus on studies related to retention in the system”

Stating that they implemented a pilot project on schooling rates in secondary education, Özer said: “In 2021, the schooling rate in secondary education was 90 percent. We have increased the rate of 90 percent to 95 percent in a short period of one year by commissioning the early warning systems and especially the call center regarding the inclusion of unregistered students in the education system. We will expand the pilot application developed on this subject to all levels of education. Our first priority; Our work on including those who are not registered in primary, secondary and high schools in the education system. Also, after identifying potential students who are at risk of dropping out while continuing with the current education system, we will focus on guidance and psychological counseling services and studies on keeping them in the system. The year 2023 will be spent mainly with these.”

Regarding the early warning system for students registered in the education system but at risk of absenteeism, Özer said, "The early warning system is an artificial intelligence-supported software developed for the early detection of students at risk of absenteeism and dropout, using the data found in the information systems of the Ministry of National Education." gave the information.

“We are trying to reach families one by one and include them in education”

Pointing out that there are speculations about the number of students in education levels, Minister Özer said, "1,2 million students are unregistered, 680 female students cannot access education." He stated that his claim was not based on any data.

Reminding that 11 thousand 654 students in primary school, 28 thousand 421 students in secondary school and 240 thousand 668 students in high school, a total of 280 thousand 743 students are unregistered, Özer said:

“The number of unregistered students in primary and secondary schools is very low. The point reached shows that we have achieved nearly 100 percent enrollment rate in primary and secondary schools, but it is a loss for us to leave even a single student out of the system. We do not look at students as a ratio to our citizens. We are mobilizing all the means of our Ministry to solve the problem of a single student, a single family. Therefore, our goal in 2023 is to bring together around 280 thousand young people who should be students but are not registered with the school.”

Özer said that they will reach young people one by one and ensure that they benefit from schooling options suitable for their conditions; He stated that they are trying to include 280 thousand 473 students in education by actively using the MERNİS registration system, establishing a call center, and reaching families one by one. Özer noted that this is a process and that they will carry out this process resolutely.

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