MEB to Organize Free Courses for Students During the Semester Break

MEB Will Organize Free Courses for Students During the Semester Holiday
MEB to Organize Free Courses for Students During the Semester Break

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that they will continue the summer school practice in 2023, and that they will open all courses for the first time during the two-week semester break between January 23 and February 3. Minister Özer reminded that they opened summer schools for the first time during the semester break, in order for all students to have a quality holiday and to continue their learning adventures.

Stating that approximately 1 million students benefit from science and art summer schools, mathematics and English summer schools free of charge, Özer said, “The biggest complaint we received was that the two-three-week duration of these courses was very limited. There was a very serious demand from parents and students for these courses to cover the full summer term. We will continue our summer school practice in 2023, but we will expand the scope of summer school for the first time in the two-week semester between January 23 and February 3 and open all our courses. In this context, our science and art summer schools, mathematics and English courses will also be open during the semester.” said.

New goals will come to life in pre-school at lunch

When asked about the preparations for expanding the scope of free lunch with the New Year, Özer emphasized that the Ministry continues to support students with social policies to increase students' access to education.

Explaining that many projects continue to be implemented decisively, from conditional education aid to student scholarships, from bussed education to free meals, from free textbooks to auxiliary resources, Özer said: “Some of them are about free lunch. There have been policies that have been consistently implemented for years regarding the access to free food for students in need. There is a misconception in the public about this. It's as if this service is a policy limited to all students in bussed education. No, about 1 million students eat within the scope of bussed education, the rest are our students staying in hostels, on the other hand, the children of our families receiving social assistance. We made an innovation in 2022, as we focused on pre-school education, we gave free food to 400 thousand students in pre-school education levels for the first time. Therefore, we increased 1,5 million to 1,8 million. Now, as the Ministry of National Education, one of our top priorities is to increase access to pre-school education. For this, we made a very serious physical investment and increased the rates seriously. We increased the enrollment rates at this level from 65 percent to 99 percent. Our goal in 2023 is to provide free meals to all our pre-school students. We will do this gradually until the end of 2023.”

MEB's facilities will be in the comfort of a hotel

Minister Özer said that among the objectives of the Ministry in 2023 is the certification of all teachers' houses, practice hotels and in-service training institutes with the ISO 9001 quality certificate by being included in the scope of renovation works.

Stating that as the Ministry, they will improve the quality of the places where both students and teachers stay, and they will fulfill whatever the ISO 2023 standard requires, Özer said: and we will have completed the ISO 9001 certificate by the end of 5. We want our students to stay in the hostel while they continue their education, to be an environment that will allow them to stay in a very comfortable environment. We want our teachers to spend time in high quality environments when they spend time in teachers' homes or educational institutes. Therefore, just as we started the 9001 Schools in Basic Education project and eliminated the differences there, we will carry out the same work for the places of stay.”

Günceleme: 16/12/2022 12:57

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