When will KYK go to bed? Are KYK Scholarships Over? How Much Are 2023 KYK Scholarships and Loans?

When will KYK be served? Have KYK Scholarships been paid?
When Will KYK Scholarships Be Held? Have KYK Scholarships Ended? 2023 How Much Are KYK Scholarships and Loans?

Three-month scholarship-loan payments, which will be paid a total of 531 billion 468 million 1 thousand liras to 428 thousand 657 students, have begun to be deposited into students' accounts.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, stated that the three-month scholarship-loans valid from October, the beginning of the academic year, started to be deposited into the accounts of the students as of 2022 December, for the students who approved their scholarship-loan application for the 2023-29 academic year.

Explaining that 222 thousand 461 students will be paid scholarships and 309 thousand 7 students will be paid loans, among the students who applied for scholarship-loan for the first time and approved their undertakings, Kasapoğlu noted that a total of 531 billion 468 million 1 thousand liras will be paid to 428 thousand 657 students.

Scholarship-loan payments over 850 TL for October, November and December, those with "0 and 2" at the end of their TR Identity Number, on December 29, those with "4 and 6" on December 30, and those with "8" on December 31. can receive.

How much were the 2023 KYK scholarships and loans?

President Erdoğan said, “We have increased the loan and scholarship amounts of university students to 1250 liras for undergraduates, 2500 liras for masters, and 3750 liras for doctorates. ” he declared.

For the year 2022, KYK scholarships and loans were paid as 850 liras to higher education students, 1700 liras to graduate students, and 2500 liras to doctoral students.

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