What is Crepe Fabric? What are its features?

What is Crepe Fabric What are its Features
What is Crepe Fabric What are its Features

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We often hear the name in the summer months. crepe fabric,It is one of the most used fabric types. Crepe, which is one of the fabric types that attracts attention with its different colors and patterns, impresses with its crisp texture, can be found in most of the summer clothes you see. Crepe fabrics, which are among the fabric types that never go out of fashion in the textile world; It can be produced by using different types such as viscose, wool or silk. These fabrics, which can also be prepared with cotton or polyester blends, draw attention with their light structure. Generally, you can see it in the production of different products such as scarves, shirts, dresses, evening wear.

What are the Crepe Fabric Features?

Each type of fabric that makes its mark on the fashion industry is divided into different groups among themselves, and this grouping is usually determined by the characteristics of the fabric. It should be noted that the usage areas also change according to the fabric properties. Commonly used in women's clothing crepe fabric When the features are considered in general, the most prominent points are:

  • It draws attention with its lycra and flexible texture.
  • It attracts great attention due to its light texture.
  • It is a type of fabric that does not wrinkle.
  • Crepe fabrics are divided into types within themselves.
  • Generally, when it comes to stylish clothing, products made of crepe fabric come to mind.
  • It is suitable for use in summer and spring, as it is made of non-sweating fabrics.
  • It has a draped and shabby appearance.
  • It can be obtained by blending polyester, cotton or wool.
  • Since it is made of non-adhesive fabrics, it offers more comfortable use.
  • Durability times vary according to their varieties.

With its aesthetic appearance, it is often used to obtain stylish clothes. crepe fabric,It can also be used in different areas according to its types. The change of this fabric type also causes changes in terms of price and durability.

Crepe Fabric Prices

Considered quite stylish in appearance crepe fabric types are usually priced per meter. Of course, prices may vary depending on the type and amount of fabric to be preferred. For example, the price of silk crepe fabrics is higher than synthetic crepe fabrics. Therefore crepe fabric pricescannot be held in a single price scale. This fabric, which can vary according to individual or wholesale purchases, is not generally cheap fabric types.

You can get a price from Fabric Home for these pricing, which is based on various factors such as the material used in production, the amount, and the area of ​​use. To see the types of fabrics that are produced from quality materials, have a high durability rate and are prepared with an affordable price policy, you can check Fabric Home right now.

What are the Crepe Fabric Types?

It can be used in decorative products and accessories as well as clothing production. crepe fabric is divided into different types. Pricing policy is also different as each of them has different usage area and production material. At the same time, crepe fabrics are diversified based on the main material from which they are produced. Accordingly, the most well-known crepe fabric The types are:

cotton crepe fabric:

It is obtained by processing twisted cotton yarn. They are usually produced in a single color, but patterned versions are also available.

Wool impregnated crepe fabric:

It is a light to medium weight crepe type that is resistant to wrinkles. This type of crepe, which is prepared using wool, can sometimes be produced with cotton and synthetic fibers.

plain tod satin crepe fabric:

It is a type of kumai produced with an inverted-flat crepe design. It is one of the most widely preferred crepe fabrics today. Usually French crepe fabric called variety.

Jacquard crepe fabric:

It is a fabric used in the production of most clothes suitable for Asian fashion. It is one of the fabrics that was first produced in China and then became famous around the world.

Crystal atlas sugar crepe fabric:

This type of fabric, which was first seen in the English countryside, is likened to a candy pattern due to its appearance. It is one of the most common fabrics in the clothes of knights at that time. It has survived to the present day as it is frequently used for barter in trade.

cotton kobe crepe fabric:

It is a type of crepe that is prepared unpainted and looks coarser. However, in this form, it is referred to as healthy pancakes.

Ultra soft/honeycomb prada crepe fabric:

Chiffon, as it is generally likened to chiffon crepe fabric It is also called by name. It is produced from very light fibers.

Queen Jennifer Jessica crepe fabric:

It is called the legendary pancake and is often used in fancy underwear. The fabric is named after Queen Jennifer. It creates elegance with its texture.

french silk moss crepe fabric:

It has a wrinkled appearance. It has taken this look during the production phase and is very preferred for evening wear.

Imported morocco sand crepe fabric:

It is a crepe fabric that is generally obtained with a mixture of silk or artificial silk. It has a matte and rougher appearance.

Crepe fabric with Scuba/Diver lining:

It is a two-sided type of crepe. One side is soft and smooth like satin, while the other side looks like crepe fabric.

In Which Seasons Can Crepe Fabric Be Used?

crepe fabric It is a type of fabric that is generally preferred in summer. It is ideal for these months, as it is lightly draped, does not stick to the body and does not sweat. Easily visible in many women's clothing products summer crepe fabric types can also be preferred due to their light weight. Almost all of the crepe fabrics, which are frequently found in skirts, shirts, dresses, evening dresses, dresses and trousers, are prepared using summer crepe fabrics. If this fabric is preferred for accessories or decorative products, it has a structure that can be used in all seasons. Likewise, it is highly preferred with its wrinkle-free and iron-free feature.


Does Crepe Fabric Make Knees?

Crepe fabrics do not wrinkle due to their texture. For this reason, they pass as iron-free fabric and do not allow the formation of knee marks.

Does Crepe Fabric Show Inside?

Crepe fabric is a type of fabric that does not show through due to its texture. However, if lycra crepe fabric types are preferred, it is likely to show the body lines.

Does Crepe Fabric Shrink?

Crepe fabrics generally do not shrink. Because it contains polyester, but there may be a possibility of shrinkage according to the cotton content of this fabric.

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