Have KPSS DHBT Results Announced? KPSS DHBT Results Inquiry Screen

Have KPSS DHBT Results Announced? KPSS DHBT Results Inquiry Screen
Have KPSS DHBT Results Announced? KPSS DHBT Results Inquiry Screen

KPSS Religious Services Field Knowledge (DHBT) exam results are available today. According to the calendar determined by ÖSYM, the results of the KPSS DHBT exam held on November 27 were announced on December 16. Candidates taking the exam want to know their results with excitement. In this context, candidates flock to the official website of ÖSYM. So, how to query DHBT results? Where can I learn the KPSS DHBT exam results with sonac.osym.gov.tr?


Candidates will be able to learn the results of the DHBT through ÖSYM's address: sonc.osym.gov.tr.



Candidates will mark the answers to the questions in the test on the answer sheets suitable for optical reading, the answer sheets will be read with an optical reader at ÖSYM and evaluated in the computer environment. During the evaluation, raw scores will be found by subtracting one quarter of the number of wrong answers from the number of correct answers, and standard scores will be calculated by using the mean and standard deviations of these scores.

After the exam, the questions that are decided to be canceled by the OSYM Presidency or the judicial authorities will be excluded from the evaluation and scoring will be made by re-determining the point value of the valid questions. In addition to the KPSS scores of the relevant year, suitable for the education level of the candidates who participated in this exam, the KPSSP122, KPSSP123, KPSSP124 scores suitable for their education level will also be calculated.

KPSS scores will be calculated as specified in the “Assessment” article in the relevant KPSS Guidelines. KPSSP122, KPSSP123, KPSSP124 scores, which will be calculated according to the education level of the candidates who will take this exam, will not be included in the KPSS result information, but will be included in the DHBT result information.

In order to calculate the KPSSP122, KPSSP123, KPSSP124 scores of the candidates, they must have entered KPSS at the same level as the education level they entered in DHBT. The scores of the candidates who have not taken KPSS at the same education level as the DHBT will not be calculated.

Exam results will be evaluated separately for each education level (secondary education, associate degree, undergraduate). Points will be converted to points out of 100. The weights of the tests in the calculation of the scores will be as follows. The KPSSP1, KPSSP122, KPSSP123 scores of the candidates who do not have at least 124 raw score (net) in the relevant test will not be calculated.

dhbt results

In the DHBT result information, there will be KPSSP122, KPSSP123, KPSSP124 scores at the education level related to the correct and wrong numbers of the candidates.

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