The Chemical Industry Focused on the Russian Market with UR-GE

Chemical Industry Focused on Russian Market with UR GE
The Chemical Industry Focused on the Russian Market with UR-GE

Bursa chemical industry representatives met at the cooperation table with Russian companies in Moscow within the scope of the “Value Added Exports in the Chemical Industry with UR-GE” project carried out by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

BTSO continues its efforts to prepare its members for global competition and to open them to foreign markets. Within the scope of the “Value Added Exports in the Chemical Industry with UR-GE” project carried out by BTSO with the support of the Ministry of Trade, a 29-person BTSO delegation carried out international marketing activities in Moscow, the capital of Russia. 49 Russian business people from 66 companies participated in the program. Firms from Bursa made important contacts to enter the Russian market by making nearly 120 business meetings at the event. Moscow Commercial Counselors Ömer Kerman and Ersan Volkan Demirel also visited the event and took a close interest in the companies.

“Chemistry Industry Runs For Export Champion”

BTSO Chemistry Council President and Assembly Member İlker Duran said that they are working to make the chemical industry contribute more to production and exports. Stating that the chemical industry realized exports of 11 billion dollars in the first 30,7 months of the year, Duran said, “In Bursa, our industry representatives managed to increase their exports by 11 percent in the first 13 months of the year compared to the same period of the previous year. Our chemical industry exports reached 721 million dollars. As the city, we aim to contribute more to the success of our chemical industry, which is running for the export championship. In this context, we held an important event in Russia in order to increase the share of our companies in the global market.” said.

“There Is A Great Potential In The Russian Market”

Stating that Russia is an important market for the chemical industry, Duran said, “We care about the presence of our exporters from Bursa in the Russian market. There is serious potential here. Our UR-GE delegation had productive meetings in Russia, which is currently among the top 10 countries to which we export the most. We hope that these talks will also reflect on our trade figures in the coming period.” he said.

“Russia is the Right Target Market”

BTSO Assembly Member Ömer Tulga Gürsoy, who participated in the organization, said that the Russian market is the right target market for the chemical industry. Stating that they had the opportunity to get to know the market closely thanks to the UR-GE project, Gürsoy said, “We met many companies that we can work with in the B2B organization. During our institutional visits, we obtained important information about trade with Russia. I hope this program will lead to strong partnerships.” said.

BTSO delegation also made corporate and market exploration visits within the scope of the overseas marketing activity held in Moscow. Sector representatives, who had important contacts with the Russian Turkish Businessmen's Association, Import Export Association and Business Russia, also visited the stores at Europolis.

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