Handicrafts of the Handicapped and Elderly in Keçiören Find Value in the Exhibition

Handicrafts of Disabled and Elderly People in Keciorede Value at the Exhibition
Handicrafts of the Handicapped and Elderly in Keçiören Find Value in the Exhibition

Products consisting of handcrafted paintings, jewelry and ornaments produced throughout the year by the disabled individuals and the elderly residing in the nursing home operating under the roof of Keçiören Municipality Nursing Home Directorate Disabled Counseling Center began to be exhibited in a shopping mall in Keçiören. There are dozens of products in the exhibition, which was opened under the name of Nursing Home Directorate Disabled Counseling Center Handicrafts Exhibition. The products offered to the citizens through the stands where Keçiören Municipality officials are present are also sold. The income obtained from this is distributed to people with disabilities and to people with disabilities.


In cooperation with Keçiören Municipality Nursing Home Directorate and Keçiören Public Education Center, workshops were established by expert trainers for disabled people and residents of nursing homes. In particular, 300 hours of training were given in workshops to rehabilitate individuals with disabilities and contribute to their participation in social life. Likewise, residents of nursing homes successfully completed the learning process with these trainings. The trainees, whose certificates were also given via e-government, have now exhibited their skills and started to produce products consisting of paintings, jewelry and ornaments. The exhibition consisting of these products has now turned into a source of economic income for them.


Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, who said that the trainings given to the residents of the nursing home and the disabled individuals were successful and that an exhibition was conducted to transform the products into economic income, said, “In 1994, our Keçiören Municipality opened the Disabled Education and Production Center together with our Private Foundation. In our Disabled Production Center, our disabled citizens would receive training and then produce. We used to sell these products in our store in our Esztergom Castle and turn them into profits. Now, we are doing a similar work with our Nursing Home Directorate Disabled Counseling Center. We provide training to our disabled individuals by cooperating with our Public Education Centers, and then we make production. We contribute to both their economic gain and their rehabilitation. By including our parents in nursing homes in these activities, we say 'There is no age for learning'”.

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